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February 19, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Subhajit (Kolkata)


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Name : Subhajit Mazumder

Place : Kolkata

Date : 18/02/2015

Time : 1 PM

Reached venue 12.30  .there were lots of candidate there as diff panel's interview were going on. document verification started at 1.30 and given topic was " tomar priyo fool" (your favorite flower) my no was 16...aftr lunch they started interview,,thought it will take atleast 7 p.m fr my turn to come but they were too fast .on and avg they took 5-7 min :( for each candidate me: may i come in( they were al gossiping in room so dint hear me)
me again: (in loud)MAY I COME IN SIR
m2: yes come in
then greeted them and i was asked to take seat
m2:wats ur name
u from?
answeared with district name(dnt kno why i said it :/
m2: u kno why its caleed north 24  district?
me: answeared in guess..then m2 asked : u kno exact or not?
me: with my head signed no
then he replied ans of british era that that bla bla
m2:how have u preapared for banking
me: sir banking terminology and recent affairs
now start the rapid fire round
m2: u have infont of u votercard pan card driving license passport and adhar card which one will be post reliable and u will chose for identity purpose of a person
me: adhar sir( my reaction huh yeh v ek sawal hua bachpan se padte a rehe :P)
m2:why ?
me answeared
m2: u kno adhar card k piche lika hota h bla bla( he waz syaing k
adhar card k piche aisa kuch likha hota h kya yeh country people k
nationality k proof bear nhi karta aisa kuch jo mujhe pata nhi)
me: answeared sir actually i dnt have adhar card so dint notice
m2: u dnt?
me: no sir hamare uha nhi hua
m3 suddenly: passport toh hey na?
me: no sir
drivining license?
no sir( first tym in my life i became happy not to possess these much things :D)
m3: u dnt have car?( my reaction : car :/ huh fir clerk k job p kyu ata !!! :P )
me: no sir vaiya k h kavi kavi chalata hu local area p high way p nhi jate
m2: arey we r not police tumhe arrest nhi karne wale highway p without
licence chalan ko
me: no sir sacche p only local are p h chalate hey
m2: ok
wat is sidbi?
answeared(he replied very good)
what is development bank
answeared( he replied very good)
what is payment bank?
he asked form my ans u kno what is payment?
answeared bt seems not satisfied
and asked again do u kno or not dnt talk if u dnt kno
me: :/  as before said sir mainly for transfer of money from one a/c to another ( i know other function of payment bank bt he dint get me the chance to tell dat he gt stuck in payment only)
what is rupay card?
answeared( bt seems it waz ok nt dat much as he expected)
who are given rupay card?
answeared (he replied very good)
a member beside him sumthing going to ask from bmb but suddenly
m2 again:u kno in 2011 there started a new bank can u name it?( me waz puzzled kis k tareef dekkhu ab)
me: sir bmb sir( i replied in a query tone as i confused with idbi as it also gt special category on dat year and bout bmb i confused in 2011 or 2012)
m2: o sir toh yehi puchne wale they unhone toh toh bol h dia iska ans pehle se h
me: my reaction waz huh :/
m2: u kno the function of bmb? why bmb?
answeared ( bt he seems nt satisfied)
then m3 got chance to ask sumthing atlast
m3: tell me about 5 deposit product and 5 loan pruct
me: started with deposit wala( thinking they will ask me question on fd and rd)
me: ca sa rd fd( arey baap re yeh 5th wala kya hey :( :/)
m2 again : 5th kuch nhi hey sab ab fd k andhar ... bla bla
me: and sir loan mean u r asking personal loan teh sab?
m3: yes teel more
me: sir home loan car loan mortgage( den suddenly i told no no sir no mortgage also used my head to sign no, and i think dat look so funny)
m2: (with smile and copying me)why no no?
me: sir mortgage is use as security
m2:no u can say it den give some example with wife or sumthing i cld nt ask probably he was trying a joke with the young girl and boys
panel member (rest 3) wo are sitiing there and dint ask even a
question :/ thruout the interview)
m2again: and baki 2 bolo
me: ( o no fir se loan actually mujhe aur yaad nhi a reha tha) sir car loan
m2:u said it already
me o k sir den commercial loan
m2: wat z dat
me: sir commercial purpose and remain pauce as i cld nt remember nymore
m2: student ko kya loan milta h?
me: o sir for study purpose
m2: toh usey kya kehte hey  bolo
me: o sir educational loan
m2: toh yeh bata nhi pa rehe they
m2: ok thank you u may go now

i dnt kno me bahat pressure p tha is interview k dauran..hope mere muh p o expression na aya ho..and as only m2 was asking question contineously i dint gt the oppurtunity to eye contact with other panel
members..and for me as well everyone in our panel it last 5-7 min max..except 1st canidate as sum1 said bas use h 20 min liya unlogone.,,in po interview i miss few ques bt i keep eye contact with
everyone and maintained a good smile bt ds interview waz oo much fast i cld nt get wat happened here..lets hope for the best,,,bas ap sab ki tarah hum e v ek job chaihey jald h

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  1. hi, when did u had ur interview??? date???

  2. me too attended at iob madurai panel 3, but full of current affairs......

  3. All the best... I too attended in madurai on 16th. What was yr attempt in exam?

  4. Gud questions... Hope ur satisfied... I attended on 11th @ IOB chennai :) lets c

  5. Are interview result kab lagela...???when ibps declare written marks???

  6. Attended on Feb 17.

  7. I too heard there. Panel members differ in the way of questioning....

  8. Gud luck to u too... This is my first attempt....


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