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February 19, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Samip Kumar Panigrahi (Bhubaneswar)

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Hello. This is Samip from Bhubaneswar. Thank you Gr8ambitionz for the unique and precious materials posted by you from time to time.

Name : Samip Panigrahi 

Qualification : B.Tech in EEE (2011)

Centre : United Bank of India, Regional Office

Date : 18/02/15

Time : 1 PM

Panel : 4

There were four male and one female member in the panel.

Me: May I come in please...
F1: Yes Come in
Me: Good Afternoon Mam, Good Afternoon Sir
M2 and F1: Good Afternoon
M3: take ur seat
M1: Read any news from the newspaper
Me: I started… after reading two to three lines, I was interrupted by M2 (where do u belong to?)
By mistake I said the district’s name. So he said “But here there is something else written. So I said sorry Sir, it is XYZ “
M2: Where is your father working?
Me: He is a foreman at MCL
M2: So u are 2011 pass out .What were u doing till now? Only preparing for banking examinations?
Me: answered
M1: So you are from which branch? Electrical?
Me: Yes Sir, it is Electrical and Electronics Engineering
M1: what is transmission line voltage in India? What is the other name of transmission line?
Me: answered
M2: Between the two insulators in a transmission line tower there is short wire? What is it called?
Me: answered and he said good (He said “ He said u are the first candidate out of 9 who answered it)
Then M2 asked M1 to take over
M1: What is a bank? What are the functions of a bank?
Me: Answered but he said those are the secondary Functions…What does a bank actually do?
Me:answered but he doesn’t seem satisfied
Who are the customers of a bank?
Me: Any individual or company who need the services of the bank is a customer of the bank
M1: Suppose I don’t have an account at a bank and I went there with a DD? Will I be the customer of that bank?
Me: Yes Sir u will be the customer of that bank
M3: What Is ‘Make in India’?
Me: It is an initiative by our PM for the betterment of the manufacturing sector. To convert India into a manufacturing hub through the help of FDI.
M3: What is FDI? Differentiate between FDI and FII?
Me: Explained but He doesn’t seem satisfied by the explanation of FII.
M3: Asked something related to “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”.He confused me
M4: u know about union Budget? Say?
Me: didn’t get him. So I asked what did I need to say about it.
F: He looked angrily and said “ do chaar line to bologe kyun kiya jata he..objective kya he..
Me: Said but question ka silsila start ho chuka tha
F: what is Fiscal deficit and CAD?
Me: explained CAD by citing the example of CHINA but he said why did u mention about china only? Is the account between countries or is it an overall account?
M3: replied
F1:Couldn’t remember What she asked but I answered
M3: OK u may go now

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