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January 26, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Jaipur

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Name : Ankur Joshi

Qualification :  B. Tech (Electrical)

Interview Date : 25th January 2015

Interview Venue : Jaipur TPS Shastri ngr

Panel : 3

I am the first number in  my panel so was little bit nervous :)

bell rang

my turn came

I entered into the room by asking may i come in sir

There were 4 male 1 female panel members. They said, yes come in :) 

I wished good morning mam, good morning sir :)

Baitho ankur . i said thnq sir

Ankur chair aage le aao. as chais  door thi table se.
now start :)

Ankur aone bare me n family ke bare me batao
I told my education qualification n about family strength,hobbies.

Ankur apne displicine me kya pdha, mene kha kab to unhone meko mri 7th sem ki xerox dikhake kha ; dekho mene kha sir rtu me ye optional sbj h.. jse student collg fest n games me perform krt h wse mrks dete h. to unhone kha shkl dekhke milte h mrks kya :P mene kha nai sir studnt teacher ki relation ho usk bhviour best ho. n sir mne fest me prt liya h.. 4 yrs crickt tournamnt me prt liya h so 48 mrks aaye h out of 50 :P

then kya pdh ke aaye ho banking me.. mne kha basics :)
tell me what is balance sheet ?
i replied 

what is current liabilities
i replied

what is governance
i replied but not satisfied by me.. question centre me jo sir the wo puch rhe the
unhobe oucha pass book me kon konsi hoti h
mne kha credit n debit
phir 100 ruoy jama krao to kha hogi
mne kha credit me :)
what is money laundering
i replied

what is cheque n draft?
i replied

achcha batao bank apko kyu le
mene apni strenth batai n kha ki bank me ye most requirement h

ab dusre sir ne wpis pucha what is balance sheet ? again :(
i replied same

phir ek dusre ki shkl dekhi n kha thnq ankur :) mne kha thnq sir :)

mam ne kuch nai pucha wo bas has rhi thi mene bhi ek do ans unki trf dekhke rply liya :) natre wise friendly thi :)

overall m satisfied :) some not answered but thik h jo h :)

some friendly h don't take pressure :) all d best jinaka ab hoga :) 

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