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January 26, 2015

Interview Experience of IBPS PO IV shared by Omprakash (Pune)


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Hi friends, I am Omprakash from Pune. I had my IBPS PO IV Interview Experience on 22nd January 2015. Here I want to share my Interview Experience with you all.

Name : Omprakash Ade

Qualification : B.E(Computers)

Interview Date : 22nd January 2015

Interview Time : 1 PM

Venue : Pune, Bank of Maharashtra Staff Training College

Panel : 2(6 member 5m+1f)
The Documents verification started on 1pm and they strickly check OBC certificate in my batch out of 24 student 7 student not allowed in interview for not producing obc doc verification done by 1.30 pm i was 11 in my panel but some student are absent so my no is 6 th .my name announced atat 2.15 pm
There were 6 members in the panel(m1,m2,m3,m4,m5,f1)
After entering the room i wish firtly the lady mamber and then remaining member
M1:tell me about ureself and family background?
Me: explained in 2 min..
M2:what is plastic money?
M3:why withdrawal limit through atm is 40 thousand only?
Me: confused don't know exact ans
M3: age limit criteria for senior citizen in bank?
Me: 60 years
M4:what are differen7t services providedby bank to senior citizen?
F1:their is need of security gard in atm? if no security guard their what are other security measure their provided by bank?
Me:CCTV are other measure
F1:then why security guard is needed?
Me: explained Bangalore case wher lady attacked bye men in atm
M1:CSR abd its two example?
Me:explain eg(tcs-tiolet built,artile-uttrakhand flood)
M3:why idbi is ur 1st preference?
Me: avg age of employees in bank is 28 year hence is youngest organization..etc
M5 silent member didn't ask single question
F1: why pm want privet sector to invest in social services or project?

I think its is avg interview so lets hope for better. All the best for the candidates who are having interviews in coming days.

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  1. all the best friend :)

  2. Thanks and all the very best.

  3. all the very best man !!!

  4. thank you....all the best

  5. In which language ur intvw was conducted?

  6. Max question in hindi and atleas 2 to 3 question in english

  7. have u joined any coaching class in pune?

  8. No i did it myself and practices online mahendra test

  9. No i study myself but practices Mahendra online test series if u need help then u may contact me in what's up 7057290420

  10. which book have u preferred for banking concepts?
    I don't have banking background hence i need it for my ibps clerk interview...

  11. I also have interview on 14feb u must get the book banking and interview arihant publication

  12. I also have interview on 14 feb u must get banking and interview book arihant publication

  13. If u need help then this is my mail id


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