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January 23, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Hyderabad


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Name - Raghavendra

Education - Computer Science & Engineering 

Centre - Andhra Bank Head Office, Hyderabad

Date - 22/01/15  

Time - 1 PM

Panel - III

Interview Duration - Around 15 min

Guys, I want to share my interview experience with u friends.

Document verification started from 12:30 pm, am second person, verified all documents, we must keep our documents in the following order
  1. Online application
  2. Photo identity proof 
  3. Dob proof (tenth class marks enough) 
  4. Hsc mark list 
  5. Degree cmm or individual mark-list 
  6. Convocation or PC 
  7. Obc certificate 
  8. Interview hall ticket with photo pasted and sign and thumb impression
Only one set of photo copies required but must and should self attested on each paper required.

With cool and smile I opend the door and asked permission may I come in sir,
M1 asked r u RAGHAVENDRA
I said yes sir
He welcomed and I wished good afternoon sir and good afternoon madam,
they said take ur seat
M1: where r u from
Me: Kurnool sir
M1: Tell me about ur family
Me: I answered
M1: where u completed ur
me: I answered
M1: tell me about ur sisters and brothers
me. I answered
M1: whats  ur strengths
Me: replied
M1: when u completed ur
Me: I said 2012 sir
M1: why 2 years gap
Me: when am answering" sir I tried software for one year but I dinot
get call due to low percentage" he interrupted me
M1: ok after u tried for banking ok
M1: tell me ur hobbies?
Me: replied and at last I said " sir I always trying to help to my mom"
M1: ok good, tell me about MOM not ur mom , with smile
Me: I answered with smile
M1: asked about month, date, speciality of mom
Me: I answered
He passed to M2
M2: what is engineering?
M3: where is the temple of Raghavendra swami (Raghavendra is a god name)
Me: I t is in Mantralayam sir(AP)
M3: which district?
Me: Kurnool sir
Now he asked controversy question
M3: why shabarimaly famous, why not mantralayam
Me: I simply said I don't know the exact reason sir , with smile
M4: tell about difference between electrical and electronics
M5: what is the difference between CD and FLOPPY
Madam: do u have account, do u have atm, what is the purpose of atm,
why banks introduce atm, how can bank benfit with atm

At last m1 said u may go, I said tq sir, tq madam with smile

 Overall interview was good, they cooperate so much

My suggestion is don't panic, be cool and answer with smile Hope for the best, thank you gr8ambition.

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  1. Hi Raghavendra,

  2. Is it nxt to apsrtc bus terminal koti??

  3. near ravindra barati, opp rbi

  4. i hav ibps clk interview at same center.

  5. I have interview on 27th at the same venue

  6. all the best raghu. can u tell me whr u took coaching?

  7. nice interview raghu.......

  8. i have interview on 29th same venue

  9. avna, all the best.

  10. all the best bro

  11. sri sai krishna, kurnool

  12. tq sridevi, nuvvu dummu lepnav ga

  13. all the best bro

  14. what is engineering ante meeru em ans ichaaru?


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