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January 23, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Tirupati


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Hi frnz..... I am Rajesh Bathula. This is my IBPS PO IV Interview Experience of 21st January 2015 (Afternoon Session), Panel 1... Tirupati. Hope it may useful to the people who have qualified in written examination........

I have reached the venue by 12:45, and my documents verification have done by 1:30
I am the 3rd person to face my panel..... they have started taking interviews by 2'oClock....
my turn came at around 2:30.... 

4panel members(1F,3M) 

I stepped into the room with a LONG BREATH and by asking them "may i get in sir??" for 2 times since they are busy with previous persons particulars... and wished them good afternoon mam and good afternoon sirs and stood beside chair since they didn't offer me to sit... later they asked me to sit down Rajesh.. I thanked them in return.... totally my interview lasted for not more than 10 mins and mostly from family background........

        Here my story starts.... whole the interview been in ENGLISH and as well as Telugu, guys.....

M1:- what is your father Rajesh???
Me:- my father Veeraswamy garu works for APSRTC as an ASST. Manager           in NELLORE
M1:- Andhra Pradesh state divide ayindhi kadha den what abt apsrtc ???? adhi kuda divide ayindha???
Me:- yes sir! it also been divided like Telangana RTC and ApsRTC sir...
M1:- does it completly divided?? (i'm confused)
Me;- but told dem confidently not yet sir, bt negotiations being going on sir(im nt sure of my answer and later on i called to my father and asked abt ds,im correct he said :-p ) i think he convinced...
M1:- recent ga salary hikes vachai ento telsa??
Me:- Sir, 2years back ayithe salary hike vachindi sir, bt im nt sure of ds time,i didnt here abt ds even with my father...( later my father told me negotiations unnai bt inka declare cheiledhu) he didnt convinced...
M1:- RTC been facing sequential losses from d past few years,why??
Me:- becoz of rapid increase in private transport sir..
M1:- only dat??
Me:- not only because of dat but also RTC been back in providing certain infrastructure facilities and inappropriate duties by bus drivers for which my father been facing this problem with them everyday....
M1:- do u have siblings???? n wat r dey nw??
Me:- yes sir i'm having 2siblings ie., 1sister and 1brother...
my sister working as a PO in IOB, i told!!!
by hearing ds he got excited and asked me "is she elder than u r younger dan U???"  here i got confused and acted smart i think...
Me:- i told dem she is elder than me sir,im second in my family(((in real she is younger dan me,which i should nt suppose to say as it may feel discriminating myself and may lead to another question)))
Me:-  she got it thru manipal banking sir which is of 1year diploma course i told...
M1:- why didn't u try for IOB thn???
Me:- sir! i'm having only 56% in my graduation,bcoz of ds reason im nt eligible to apply for,, as it mention minimum is 60%.. told them frankly and honestly with out any hesitation as if our total memos are in front of them ....( i think its worked, and not posed any question regarding my percentage and years gap)
M1:- do u have loan??
Me:- no sir, but my sister is having education loan ...
M1:- what can bank do if u don't pay that loan???
Me:- it should be treated as NPA and bank can cease that security under which the loan has taken or can use that property for any of bank operations and as its own office...
M1:- can't they sell it ???
Me:- yes, ofcourse can sell it sir,with out any intervention of court's i told...
M1:- under what???
Me- under SARFAESI ACT,2002 sir....(impressed)
M1:- what is Make In India???
Me:- Answered

.................HERE COMES M2 TURN.........

M2:- You have done your schooling from AUROBINDO SCHOOL right???? Then Who is Aurobindo...????(i was shocked on asking this)
Me:- He is  Aurobindo Ghosh, who is a educationalist and journalist and writer during the period of freedom struggle...
M2:- where did he finally settled??
Me:- in Pondicherry sir..
M2:- who is the founder of ARYA SAMAJ???? (even more shocked, dn't know what made him to ask ds question,i think in before ans i mentioned about freedom struggle)
Me:- I'm not able to recollect his name for 3seconds and told them very confidently like SWAMI DAYANAND SARASWATI (bt with a small doubt in my mind) here M1 looked at M2 with a doubt face, M2 was happy with my ans.... finally they were impressed with these 2 answers i hope...

.........HERE COMES F1 TURN......

F1:- TO which insurance company recently SBI has been linked With???
Me:-i told LIC mam, bt im nt sure mam... bt she said NOT
F1:-what is the HQ of LIC???(as i mentioned about LIC in my last Ansr)
Me:-told confidently as MUMBAI(in mind im nt sure, bt finally ansr was correct).....
F1:-tell me about some insurance companies u know...

.............M3 kept silent all the time........ except a single question.. do u read news paper????? yes sir i said bt nt everyday.. dey didnt ask me any more questions regarding newspaper.....
  OKAY RAJESH U MAY LEAVE they said....
thnk u sir's and thnk u mam Hav A GUD DAY..... told and came out and took a LONG BREATH........

....... FRNZ here i kept A-Z of my interview with out missing single word,  i hope it wuld may help u by somehow...... finally wat i observed is every answer of ur question is leading to another question......
..........ALL THE BEST...........

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  1. u did great! good luck..

  2. Happy to read telugu in gr8ambitions. all the best rajesh sir :)

  3. Thanks pankaj. all the best

  4. all the best did well

  5. nice..very simple interview..thanks to share..mine on 28th at Hyd

  6. how to post interview experience??

  7. Resume is required or not. If yes plz share formate

  8. Thanx Pankaj Mine also in Ranchi 28th Jan Morning...It was helpful ton of thanx once again..

  9. thanks pankaj .... it will be helpful for my clerk interview , same venue

  10. Correct me if am wrong .. SARFAESI applies to loans above 10 lakhs ryt!?

  11. Resume is Not Required...

  12. Welcome and All The Best...

  13. ya happyt to read telugu in gr8

  14. Which panel took ur intervw pankaj

  15. me too on 28 jan 8.30 am at Hotel Arya Rachi

  16. good more telugu people post their interview experience i have interview in gunture in 28

  17. me too havin intrvw 2mrw..same centre..same panel..vry nervous..r dey askin tough question too???

  18. What was ur attempts???

  19. thank you.......all the best

  20. No .. just basic and prsnl question

  21. What was ur attempt. 28th jan 1 pm mine

  22. me too havin intrvw on 28..same centre..same panel..i'm to very nervous..

  23. thnk q......!!!! :-)

  24. thnk u.... Tanvi....!!!


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