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January 23, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Bhupendra (Noida)

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Name : Bhupendra

Interview Date : 22nd January 2015

Interview Time : 8:30 AM

Location : Staff Training College, Bank of India, Noida

I reached the venue by 07:15 am. Document verification started at 9:00 am. I had been allotted panel 3.

Interview began at 10:00 am sharp.

Panel: 4 men and 1 lady

Me: May I come in, please ? (With smiling face and confidence)        
Panel: Yes please come in…
Me: good morning ma’am, good morning sirs (120 degree movement of eyes).
Panel: very good morning…please have a seat.
Me: thank you (while sitting)
Panel head: so you are Bhupendra.
Me: yes sir
Panel head :) ( seeing my documents, what you have done in graduation.)
Me: told
M1: what is the interest rate on saving bank account generally?
Me: 4 %
M1: yes it is 4 bank is giving more than this 6 % .can you tell the name of that bank?
Me: yes sir, it is Kodak Mahindra bank. It provides 5.5% up to 1 lakh and above 1 lakh 6%
M1: absolutely correct.
Panel head: what is the reason of giving more interest rate?
Me: they want to attract customers to deposit more money in their bank so that they can mobilize more funds into the productive sector.
Panel head: oh (not satisfied), ok if you want to open a bank account .on what grounds you will select bank?
Me: sir, the bank which provides more facilities.
Panel head:noooo……
me: sir whose employees are more customer friendly.
Panel head: (this time big nooooo…but he was very dynamic)
Me: the bank which has good reputation.
Panel head: how will you know about reputation? Will you survey?
Me: sir from public opinion
Panel head: ok Mr.bhupendra so you will open a bank account in xyz bank on the basis of public opinion, reputation of bank whose employees are more customers friendly and those provide good facilities.
Me: yes sir (with confidence)
Panel head: it means you will visit to all branches and prepare e report on their behavior, facilities, reputation and then you will open an account. (Many question marks on his face)
Me: (this time my confidence have been flushed into the sewer) blank.But I tried not to show on my face.
Panel head (along with other members): you have not understood my question. You are going on wrong track.( other members also support him and repeat his statement.
Me: (by god’s grace): sir the bank which is near to me ….(in a slow voice)
Panel head: yessssss…. Simple……that’s it ….people do not bother about interest rate blah blah blah… the chose their nearest branch… and gave speech about the nature of people to me along with other members…
me: I was simply saying yes sir yes sir….. (Approx 10 times) (But gained confidence again)
Panel head: what were you doing after your graduation?
Me: told
Panel head: from where you did engineering?
Me: told
Panel head: have you appeared before? What are the reasons of failure?
Me: yes sir, I could not concentrate because I was preparing for two sectors simultaneously. I am thankful to my mother who insists me to choose one sector because I could not qualify either. So I have decided banking sector.
Panel head: (satisfied)
Panel head: how your engineering branch helps in bank?
Me: though my engineering branch is not directly linked to bank but I have developed certain qualities.
Panel head: what are those…?
Me: communication skills…leadership...
Panel head: what is the quality of a good leader?
A leador should know when to follow and when to lead..
Panel head direct to other member to ask (sardar ji): beta do you know about retail banking?
Me:told (to some extent)
Panel head: do you have account? Have you visit bank branch?
Me: yes sir.
Panel head: which branch?
Me: state bank of India.
Panel head directed M1: so you belong to village
Me:yes sir
M1: sabse jyada kiska production hota hai waha?
Me: sir, soyabeen
M1: aur
Me:wheat and rice
M1 (satisfied): apko pata hai ki gaon me loan kese dete hai?
Me:told but not in the manner they expect.
Female: acha to apne loan nhi liya hai
Me: ji nahi (innocently)
Panel head: ok thank you
Me:thank you
Good day ………….

I am thankful to gr8ambitionz team for valuable assistance

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