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January 18, 2015

Marketing Quiz - Set 36


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  1. Marketing is ?
    1. Consumer oriented
    2. Competitors Oriented
    3. Producer Oriented
    4. Both (1) and (2)
    5. Both (2) and (3)
  2. Warehousing Management does not include 
    1. Space determination
    2. Stock Layout 
    3. Stock Design
    4. Stock Placement 
    5. Order picking procedure 
  3. A marketing technique where marketer plays a specific role in a particular segment is called 
    1. Mass marketing
    2. Niche marketing
    3. Strategic marketing
    4. Modelling 
    5. Communication marketing 
  4. In the case of such goods where consumer normally compares price, quality delivery etc. are called 
    1. Shopping goods 
    2. Specialty goods  
    3. Staple goods 
    4. Derived demand 
    5. Luxury goods 
  5. Which among the following is not an example of convenience goods ?
    1. Tea
    2. Coffee
    3. Soap
    4. Tooth paste
    5. Umbrella in rainy season
  6. Vegetable market in India is nearly an example of ?
    1. Perfect Competition
    2. Monopoly 
    3. Oligopoly
    4. Imperfect Competition 
    5. High Monopoly
  7. In Marketing Mix 4 P's imply 
    1. Product, Price, Place, Promotion
    2. Product, Price, Policy, Place 
    3. Product, Place, Promotion, Policy 
    4. Place, People, Product, Policy
    5. Promotion, Product, Price, People
  8. A bed in a hotel for night halting is an example of ?
    1. core product 
    2. augmented product 
    3. expected product 
    4. potential product 
    5. main product
  9. Marketing Planning helps in 
    1. avoiding future uncertainties 
    2. achieving objectives 
    3. control 
    4. complete satisfaction
    5. all of the above 
  10. Which among the following is not a tool for Marketing Planning appraisal ?
    1. External appraisal 
    2. Internal appraisal 
    3. Gap analysis 
    4. SWOT analysis 
    5. PCOT analysis 
  11. In market segmentation, which among the following is not an Economic Component ?
    1. Age
    2. Sex
    3. Both 1 and 2
    4. Income level
    5. Taxes 
  12. A defense strategy of identifying weakness in the competitor and aggressively going after that market niche is called 
    1. Pre-emptive 
    2. Counter offensive
    3. Mobile defense 
    4. Position defense 
    5. Flanking defense 
  13. When a firm sells off part of its business to another organization, it is called
    1. Diversivfication
    2. Divestment 
    3. Pruning 
    4. Strategy 
    5. Joint venture 
  14. The research which is basically concerned with establishing cause and effect relationship, is called
    1. Diversified Research 
    2. Technical research 
    3. Casual Research 
    4. Predictive Research 
    5. Exploratory Research 
  15. ACE provides door - to - door service for Godrej and McDonald products, it is an example of ?
    1. Third Party delivery 
    2. First Party delivery 
    3. Multi - Channel delivery 
    4. Diversified Marketing 
    5. Horizontal Marketing 
  16. The goods which are used for further production are called 
    1. Durable goods 
    2. Market goods 
    3. Derived goods 
    4. Consumer goods 
    5. Capital goods
  17. Which among the following a fixed expense in Sales Budget ?
    1. Incentives 
    2. Rent
    3. Communication Expense 
    4. Commission 
    5. Awards 
  18. Which among the following is a feature of goods forecasting method ?
    1. Accuracy 
    2. Simplicity 
    3. Economy 
    4. Availability 
    5. All of the above 
  19. A person who ultimately determines any part or whole of the buying decision is called 
    1. Decider
    2. Buyer 
    3. User
    4. Influencer 
    5. Initiator 
  20. A package which has a secondary, usefulness after its contents have been consumed, is called 
    1. Dual use package 
    2. Bulk package 
    3. Both 1 and 2
    4. Consumer package 
    5. Industrial package  

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  1. Hope im d first 2 comment.. Thanxs team..

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  4. plese tell me the expected overall cutoff for NIA assistant?

  5. Can any1 tel IBPS clerk blore obc cut off

  6. please anyone update 2013 LIC AAO paper

  7. Trick to Remember The Countrieswhich uses
    “Rupee” as their currency
    “”Srilanka Ne India Se Pak Manga”””
    $$$ The Countries which uses “Rupee”as their
    currency ….
    @ India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan,Seyche lles,
    Sri Lanka:-
    mnemonic to memorize:-
    “”Srilanka Ne India Se Pak Manga”””
    Srilanka= Sri Lanka
    Ne= Nepal
    India= India
    Se= Seychelles
    Pak= Pakistan
    Manga= Mauritius
    The words ‘Rupiah’, the Indonesiancurre ncy,
    and ‘Rufiyah’, the currencyof the Maldives, are
    derived from”Rupee.” memorize this sentence:
    (UP) me (ACC) (CM)ent kharidne ke liye(PESO)
    chahiye .
    Here U= Uruguay=Uruguay Peso
    P= Philippines =Peso
    A=Argentina=Pes o
    C= Chile=Chilean Peso
    C= Cuba=Cuban Peso
    C=Colombia=Colo mbian Peso
    M=Mexico=Mexica n Peso
    These countries have one thingcommon
    “Peso”. so you can easily
    memorize currency of these countries.
    2.Read this stupid sentence “KENYA kigirls
    SHIVLING ki puja karti hain”..
    now i wrote two words in caps KENYA&
    SHIVLING, becaoz The currency ofKenya is
    Kenya Shilling.
    the 17 countries inthe Eurozone who have the
    Euro astheir official currency.
    Remember》》EC: Baffling Pig’s Mess:-
    Euro Cyprus Belgium Austria FinlandFrance
    Luxembourg Italy NetherlandsGerm any
    Portugal Ireland GreeceSpain Malta Estonia
    Slovakia Slovenia

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  17. For Peso - "UPA CM Centered for AC and Peso". This one sounds better. ;)

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