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January 23, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Navdeep (Ahmedabad)


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1st Interviews : “Golden opportunities, But you need to wait for Golden Success”

Name : Navdeep Kapadiya 

Qualification : M.Com 

Interview Date : 20th Jan, 2015

Time : 8:30AM

Interview Venue : Dena Bank, Ahmedabad 

Panel: 2

First of all thanks To gr8AmbitionZ for providing such an important study material and updates. And thanks to all the viewers who share their experience which is very useful in my interview.

This is my first Interview, I hope my experience will be useful for you people... 

There were 4 members in my panel (Including 1 lady –she was continuously observing me during the interview)
(At 11:15 I entered in the cabin)

Me: 1st asked their permission, “May I come in ?”
Me: Wished Good morning to everyone:
M1: sit down Navdeep
Me: Thank you Sir
M2: Your dressing style is pleasant Navdeep (by saying this he offered me chocolate)
Me: Thank you sir (I didn't take the chocolates....  I'm confused at that time)
(During - M1 is checking my documents Photocopy)
# Then #
M1: What is your name's meaning?
Me: Navdeep means: ”New flame, New Shine” then added that I m boon for my family after a long time I born after my bro birth)
M2: Acchha aap kuldeepak ho (Guajarati language)
Me: yes Sir
M1: Aapke main less marks kyu hai? (Bcom-65% and Mcom-53%)
Me: I explained him. I am doing job…bank exam preparation so I m do not 100% focused on
M1: You have joined any coaching class?? (I said No)
M1: what is Balance Sheet? (Gave definition)
M1: Tell me in detail ?? (I explained both assets and liabilities sides in particular details vise)
M2: where you mention company Profits??? (Ans him)
M2: If company makes loss where u show in b/s???(Ans him)
M1: What is secured loan and unsecured loan??(I give him definition)
M1: if your friend provides you loan – is secured or unsecured? (Unsecured)
M2: Clearing house kya hai???(I explained him in details with example)
M2: what is CTS??(cheque Truncation System)
M2: What is truncation? (Say sorry)
M2: What is DTC?? (Say sorry..I know but I can’t recall at that time-direct tax code)
M2: What is RuPaydebitcard? (I explaine him)
M3: what is Investment Fund Statements??(I explained him)
M3: What is capital – assests or liabities? (Assests)
M3: If company make loss continues 3years then which side u show in b/s???(Ans him)(they asked again to check my confidence )
M3: Assets kaise generate hogi??(Explained him??)
M3: If you transfer in rural area …..What will you do for Rural people? (I explained him-on behalf of  bank 1st provide them basic bank a/c vie financial Inclusion..Then finance facility than provide them knowledge about financial services)
M3: what type of loans does the bank provides ?? (Agri, crop, personal)
Lady: what is function of PO ?? (I explained her- PO is responsible and authorized person of bank. Clerical related/customer query related /transaction related problems solved by PO. Accounts / sanctioned loan/ daily cash blnc match by PO. Cheque sanctioned by PO. Clerk is responsible to PO. In small Branch PO will be doing also clerical functions and handle the branch…he is assistant manager.
M3: there is no roll for manager in the bank? (I say PO is responsible to manager)
M1: Good..You can go now Navdeep.
Me: I said thank you and came out silently.
At 11:35 finished…

They asked me in 3 languages (most of the questions are in English; 4que in Hindi; 1 que in Gujarati language)
Time Taken : 17min
Plus points during interview:
  • Appearance – knowledge about banking and my subject – confidence and always positive answer in good manner with pleasant smile. Eye contact
Negative points during interview :
  • Crossed language in 2que (they asked me in Hindi but I replied in English)
  • For 3 questions I a nswered I don’t know
Please Friends pray for me ……

Reply your comments must if you like it.. All the Best all :)

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  1. Nice review boss. All the best

  2. All the best !! I have to face the same panel.

  3. Hi Navdeep, after reading your interview experience, m sure you will be selected.... can you also share what answers you given in the interview for all questions.

  4. pls provide basel norms pdf

  5. all the best Navdeep

  6. all the best officer

  7. All the best navdeep

  8. Q. Who/which committee introduced the concept of NPA in india?
    Q. What is black swan effect/event?

    These two questions I couldn't answer in my today's interview.
    Venue : BOM, staff college, Pune

  9. Thanks for sharing friend, All the best :-)

  10. Fikar nathi waka.

  11. Sharad Chandrika VaddadiJanuary 23, 2015 at 9:01 PM

    ALL THE BEST navdeepji,you will definetly select as PO because you gave good answers to their questions,and especially you belongs to commerce back ground.
    i am also belongs to commerce back ground and i am searching for the interview experinces of commrce back ground students your interview experience is very helpful to prepare for my interview.

  12. u vl crack it bro...
    all d best...

  13. well i am also gonna face the same panel tomorrow thanks for the interview experience it helped me ... and don't worry you will be selected. :D.


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