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January 23, 2015

Today's IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Sunali Joshi (J&K)

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Name : Sunali Joshi

Place : Jammu, J&K

Interview Date : 23rd January 2015

Documents verified
I am the first candidate. I went inside and greeted everyone. They asked me to sit.

Hello Sunali
What have you studied so far?
I have done BBA n MBA

When did you pass out?


What have you done after that?
Sir, I worked in an Indian firm fr 7 months n then quit my job to prepare for banks.

What other exams have you passed?

What preparation have you done for the interview?
I said i read about recent news, general about banking, and about my work ex.

Can you talk about any topic fr 1/2 minutes?
I spoke about the reasons why RBI decided to cut repo rate. Related it with current softening inflation, weak crude prices n weak demand in d economy. Its raised by only 25 basis points only to give a little push to the economy

If you are a Manager in a rural branch with very less deposits, what will you do?
I said, i will talk to my employees, ask them to convince the customers that come to the branch. Even if a customer has come fr some other work, the employees should spend 5 minutes to talk to them and make them aware of our latest schemes and our interest rates, about how and why they should Open accounts in our bank.

Then, how many types of accounts in a bank?
Told about Current, Savings, Recurring n Fixed deposit accounts

Asked about Nostro n Vostro. Why is Vostro req?
I explained the terms well but gave a vague answer fr why vostro is required

The Uber cab in news recently, belonged to which country?
I said, its a guess..Switzerland. He corrected me, Its USA

Asked me about the major qualities of a marketing person
I said, should be aware of his products n services in d the first place, then talk to prospective customers, convince them by creating a need fr the product in their minds.

Then asked, as u are a short girl, how will you make clerks under you work?
I replied, my height doesn't matter in this respect. I shal be polite to everyone around, be it a clerk or anyone else. I shall be respectful of them always and ask them for my work. Whatever help I can do fr them, i will and also make them work fr me at d same time.

What are negotiable instruments? Its examples.
Explained. Ex- commercial paper, Certificate of deposit, n cheques

What is Monetary Policy?
The policy made by RBI related to the inflow of money, availability of money and interest rates

What is Fiscal Policy?
The policy made by govt of India for the generation of funds, allocation of funds and the revenue generated.

What are your hobbies?
I said reading.

What have you read lately and moral?
I said Test of my life by Yuvraj Singh. Moral is, we should fight everything with positivity.

Then lady asked, which two presidents are meeting on 26th Jan
I said, Barack Obama n Dr. Pranab Mukherjee.

Where are they going to meet?
In delhi, fr R-Day parade at Rashtrapati Bhawan

Who is more powerful, US president or Indian?
I said US cause he has all the powers to control the country but in India, major powers are vested with the Prime Minister of India.
That is all.

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