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October 27, 2014

Statement and Assumptions (Reasoning) Practice Test


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Read the following Statements. Give Answer
1 If only Assumption I is implicit.
2 If only Assumption II is implicit.
3 If either Assumption I or Assumption II is implicit
4 If neither assumption I nor Assumption II is implicit
5 If both Assumption I and Assumption II are implicit.

1. Statement : It is not always true that adoption of sophisticated technology increases production and efficiency.
Assumptions :
I. Adoption of sophisticated technology is not a difficult thing to achieve.
II. Production and efficiency can be increased by getting rid of sophisticated technology.

2. Statement : The State government has asked the management of all the private schools to take consent of the parents before increasing the school fees.
Assumptions :
I. The management of majority of the private schools may call the parents for discussion regarding fee hike.
II. Majority of the parents may not agree for any hike of school fees.

3. Statement : Local administration made elaborate security arrangement and alerted the local hospitals to be in readiness during the ensuring festival days.
Assumptions :
I. A very large number of devotees may assemble in the city during the festival days.
II. Security personnel may not be able to control the crowd.

4. Statement : Some days you settle down peacefully with your morning coffee. Then you open the papers and the adrenaline picks in.
Assumptions :
I. Coffee and papers are an integral part of the common man's life.
II. One some days the papers carry sensational news.

5. Statement : "Traffic police will be provided with alcometers to identify drunken drivers" - Police Chief.
Assumptions :
I. So, Many accidents take place everyday because of drunken drivers.
II. Alcometer is a machine which can identify drunken persons easily.

That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall work with the questions of "Statements and Arguments".  You can check more Reasoning Study materials and practice tests from here. Happy Reading :)

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  1. its very hard to understand these questions

  2. just practice friend..its not that tough like solving a complex quantitative qn..:)

  3. Thanx team gr8ambitionz......

  4. can u please explain whats the logic to solve this question..?? like in quest 2 majority of parents will be reluctant to pay high fees so they may oppose..???? don't they..??

  5. as per me, u have to answer according to given information only. ofcourse parents may b reluctant to pay high fees in general but we didn't hav any clue regarding this matter in the given statement.

  6. Well suraj! focus on the word "majority" .
    Had state government assumed that majority (Focus on this word) of the parents may not agree for any hike of school fees They (State government) wouldn't have askd the management to tke consent of parents.!

  7. Read the given question carefully.... You have to say which assumption is implicit (suggested though not directly expressed). In simple words... you have to highlight whats the intention of the person who made the Statement.

    In our case, the government asked the management to take consent of the parents before increasing the fee. So the government expects that, the management will immediately will contact parents (Assumption I). It doesn't mind if the parents agree for the fee hike.

    If it feels the parents may not agree for the hike of school fees, it possibly wont allow management to increase the school fees.

  8. Hi Mam! how r u ?
    I'M having problem in making comments.! It shows " hold on, this is waiting to be approved by"
    Does it imply that m blocked to make comment ???

  9. Okie.. and suppose if instead of opposing given that parents will agree to the management and they build consensus for elevating the fee than ??? Than also we will not consider it as implicit

  10. i need some help to solve the quantitative applitude questions


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