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October 27, 2014

How to answer the Interview Question "Tell us more about your City"


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Friends, A very common question which is asked in Interviews after "Tell me about yourself" is "Tell us more about your city".

So there is a particular way through which you must answer this question in order to get more marks.

You are in a Banking Interview and the panel members are highly experienced and they have traveled across the country. They are not much interested to know the tourist attraction of your city. Rather they want to check, do you know your city from a Banking point of view or can you judge your city from a Banker's eye.
As a banker you need to market your banks product so targeting the right set of customers is very important.
I'm describing this answer by taking into account Siliguri, West Bengal.

Sir, I'm from North Bengal's commercial hub, Siliguri. The presence of tea, tourists and timber is the main reason why my city is nick named as T3. The vital geographical location of Siliguri is the main reason of its rapid development in the past few years. It shares it boundaries with Nepal, Bhutan as well as Sikkim, Hills and North Eastern States, all these adds to its commercial importance and hence banks plays a vital role here, as so much of business is taking place in its market ranging from Timber to Hosiery to Tea etc. Business man of nearby states and neighboring countries have there wholesalers situated in Siliguri. Since its also a tourist hub as many people visit Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling etc via Siliguri. So hotel and Tourism business is a boon. Financing for infrastructure development in Doors Region is also taking a rapid pace. The foot fall of Foreign Tourists creates opportunity for Foreign Exchange (ForEX) transactions. SBI has been authorised to carry ForEx business in Siliguri. With headquarters and branch office of various organisations ranging from Uttar Banga Sangbad - Star Cement - Samsung - Tata etc there always a need of Banking tie up for handling Cash which serves the CASA requirement of bank.

Various real Estate projects like Kanchanjunga Park, City Centre etc is coming up here which can be leveraged by tie up with the real estate companies to push asset side products (Home Loan) in market.

Education is another vital aspect of Siliguri. The famous Siliguri Institute of Technology (SIT) where students from all parts of our country are studying is a good place to deal with Educational Loan and Friendly Student Account. Union bank of India through there Extension Counter inside the campus is solving the banking requirement of these students. Many more educational projects are coming up.

Agriculture in the outskirts of Siliguri is an important source of income for people, so it again creates the need for Agricultural Loans and Kisan Credit Cards.

A lot still needs to be done for further development of our city.

This is all about my city sir, is there any thing else you would like to know.

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