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October 27, 2014

Statement and Arguments (Reasoning) Practice Test


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Friends, in our last post we have worked with Statement and Assumptions Practice test. Now we shall look at Statement and Arguments. You have to check below statements and arguments and say which argument is strong, based on the given statement.

Give answer :
1 If only Argument I is "Strong"
2 If only Argument II is "Strong"
3 IF Either Argument I or II is "Strong"
4 If Neither Argument I nor II is "Strong"
5 If Both I and II are "Strong"

1. Statement : Should India send its troops to a foreign country, for constructive purpose, without a UN resolution. 
Arguments :
I. Yes, it will bring accolades from all over the world and will strengthen the claim for candidature for permanent membership of the UN.
II. No, India is already facing many troubles. 

2. Statement : Should the maintenance of all the roads in the big cities be handed over to private organizations against a fixed amount to be paid by the residents ?
Arguments :
I. No, this is not all practicable. 
II. Yes, this practice is adopted in many foreign countries. 

3. Statement : Should the sole evidence of rape victims be supposed enough to prove the guilt ?
Arguments :
I. Yes, rape is a heinous offence. 
II. No, the move will increase the chances of conviction innocent persons. 

4. Statement : Should MLAs and MPs be allowed to change parties ?
Arguments :
I. Yes, every individual in democratic set up is free to leave or join any party any time.
II. No, they should remain faithful to the party which nominated them as it's candidate. 

5. Statement : Should India change its course from the economic reform process and look inward for all round economic development ?
Arguments :
I. No, there is no way to look backward after having started the process.
II. Yes, this will benefit India in the long run as the reform process borrowed from western countries will adversely affect our economy. 

6. Statement : Should school education be made free in India ?
Arguments :
I. Yes, this is the only way to improve level of literacy.
II. No, it would add to the already burden on the exchequer. 

7. Statement : Should government close down loss making public sector banks ?
Arguments :
I. No, all employees will lose their job, security and earning what would they do ?
II. Yes. In a competitive world the rule is "Survival of the Fittest"

8. Statement : Should import duty on all the electronic goods be dispensed with ?
Arguments :
I. No. This will considerably reduce the income of the government and will adversely affect the development activities. 
II. No. The local manufacturers will not be able to complete with the foreign manufacturers, who are technologically for superior. 

9. Statement : Should high chimneys be installed in industries ?
Arguments : 
I. Yes. It reduces pollution at ground level.
II. No. It increases pollution in upper atmosphere. 

10. Statement : Should new universities be established in India ?
Arguments :
I. No. We have still not achieved the target for literacy.
II. No. We will have to face the problem of unemployed but highly qualified people. 

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  1. Either 1 or 2 option seems to be critical for me to conclude. Pls suggest me how to get to that conclusion.

  2. hi gr8ambtionz we need a materials for SSC CHSL 2014 pattern

  3. I think Some Answers not proper.
    Specially Q7(Question in argument is not a proper argument)

  4. statement: no A is B. some B are C.
    concl: some C being A is a possibility.
    plz reply with explanation

  5. plz help me how to solve these type of questions

  6. conclusion follows. see the fig. :)

  7. Option 3 is confusion..admin plz xplain 2 solve such questions...plzzzz

  8. Option 3 is confusing...admin plz xplain there any specific way to solve such questionz?plzzz help

  9. Thank u..plz provide syllogism practice sets :)

  10. I dont think there is any specific method.. :/ why you so confused..??its simple....on the above (3rd) question the statement is "Should the sole evidence of rape victims be supposed enough to prove the guilt" so first argument true ho sakta hai ki yes sole evidence is enough for such a heinous crime BUT AT THE SAME TIME hme doosra point bhi dekhna hai i.e. conviction of we can conclude that dono point strong hai but ek sath co related nahi balki alag alag so..its either I or II..hope you will get my point... let me explain you with another example in my next comment

  11. Statmnt: Should new big industries be started in Mumbai?
    I)Yes. It will create job opportunities.
    II)No. It will further add to the pollution of the city.
    in this ques the ans would be Either Ist or 2nd..lemme explain why.. :)
    We know opening up of new industries is advantageous in opening more employment avenues AND disadvantageous too in that it adds to the pollution.So,here either of the arguments holds strong. :)

  12. dear check suchitra's comment where i have explained about this in rply..hope it will help u too :)

  13. Thanks for the post:)..
    Kindly can u pls explain how 4th question above differs from ur Explanation..

  14. thanks i understood now

  15. how it is possible... there is no relation between a and c. so how can we say pls explain

  16. But why answer of question number 4 is not 3?why we have taken option 5.pls explain if u can.these question really make me confused.

  17. Even I am confused between 3rd and 4th questions. I think answer for both should be '3'. Pls explain why it is '5' for 4th question.


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