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September 21, 2014

Today's IBPS RRB CWE III Office Assistants Review - Evening Shift


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Helloo everyone !!

i am Hiral, from Gujarat :) :) :) i am really very very  happy. Today is my IBPS RRB Office Assistants online exam in Afternoon Session.  Wwould like to share my exam experience. :)

First of all thanks to Shivani ma'am for giving us such a wonderful and valuable materiel especially for the GK updates Quiz, Banking Awareness quiz etc. It was very useful for me and like booster for me :) :)
Since some exams i can build up my competitve level to veryy high cause of gk quiz, early my gk  secion was very weak.

very very very veryy easyyy everyone can solve easily 35 question
5 - syllogism
5 - ds
10 - seating arrangement ( circular = basic level of this topic :D , straight line facing                 north = also basic level )
5 - inequality
5 - ranking system ( preceding , following )
5 - numeric operation ( change the ascending , descending ,interchange 1st and 2nd        digit of each number etc etc )
2- coding - decoding
2 - alphabetic series


this also my mod section but this time scoring for me
10 - simplification ( omg simplification was really simple just mug-up tables up to 30 squares up to 20 and cubes up to 15 )
5 - series (2 is easy remaining little bit hard :)
5 - di ( ration , avg , per ) overall easy
15 - every question of each topic (number system , time and work , area and volume ,si & ci , p&l , time and dis ,partnership ,ratio )


Really was moderate 25-28 was solvable :P deeply and basic idea about operatin system
 5 - binary system


my fav section. not need too much time to spent attempt this section bas just was story type sent arngment , qua based on paragraph, in short who want get more marks and overall good rank they shoud attempt this sec :) dnt wryy abt hindi it takes only 20 minutes to attempt concentratelyy :)


ga was moderate. mostly based on union budget 2014 , railway budget
pdjy , bhushan yojna  this this some schemes related
2-3 was full form of NABARD , SLR :D :D kash isabhi tne easy questions hote
for gk section really gr8ambition' s quiz helpfull me for clear its section cutoff
but overall exam wasy really easy.

Today i feel very happy, hopeful for the selection :)

All the best to upcoming candidates and god bless you all :) :)

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  1. could anyone provide all important committee list PLEASE?

  2. 1.
    Full form of SLR


    3.who are P.J.KURIAN-chairman of rajya sabha

    4.ATM transaction charge after 5 times use-20

    5.Projected no of medical college in budget-12

    6.cleanliness budget up by 40%

    7.bhamasha sheme for rural women

    8.robin willam-hollywood actor

    9.UGC-university grant commission

    10.strike is related to which sport-strike

    11.for senior citizen exemption limit on income-3lakh

    12. Number of total new trains – 58

    13. Rafael Nadal associated with which sports other than tennis?- Golf

    14.interesr subvention 7?

    15. kundalkunam power plant-tamil nadu

    16. swach bharat abhiyan-2oct

    17.flag bearer in CWG 2014-vijay kumar

    18. Who is chairperson of planning commission-pm

    19.bullet train Mumbai-ahmadabad

    20.Who is all time greatest goal scorer in world cup - Miroslove Klose

    21. Limit of gratuity after which income tax is imposed-10 lakhs

    22. Insurance in jan dhan scheme – 100000

    23. CST full form - Central sales tax

    24. Vladamir Putin is - president of russia

    25.judicial appointment commission- eminent persons to be nominated by the Prime Minister,
    the CJI and the Leader of Opposition of the Lok Sabha.

    26. How Many deputyGovernor of RBI?-4 source of FDI in india-singapore(replacing mauritius)

    28 Who issues RuPay card-NPCI

    29.objective of jan dhan yojana- min one account for evry family

    30. BANK capitalization is related to- BASELIII

  3. dude i want to sell my 17000 rs cell for 18000 i know you will buy :P :D

  4. Aftaabآفتاب القاعدہ حسینSeptember 21, 2014 at 9:28 PM

    thanx bro

  5. Question No 3 :: P.J.Kurien :: Deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha not chairman

  6. Rafael Nadal associated with the game =Tennis

  7. Strike is related to base ball
    And there is one more question about how many jandrshan trains in this budget
    Congress won in which state
    And one more quetion about sports person related to boxing

  8. thanks a lot...paper was easy except GA.....

  9. 1.One more question on two wheeler vahical
    2. how much percentage of amount allocated for clean india

  10. pj kurien question none of these is answer

  11. me to mark none of these..but ans is given above

  12. balance 10 question where

  13. Hyderabad. Morning shift. Some Ga questions : recently launched SEZ by Pm. In which state 2. Diju belong to which sport 3. Shillong capital of 4. CDR full form 5. No of passenger trains in budget 6. Love word which game 7. PMJDY question 8. Capital 9. Limited No of transactions of rival banks 10. Amit kumar belonged spory

  14. pj kurien is deputy chairman of rajyasabha

  15. my attempts are r-38,qa-24,g-31,eng-40,c-38
    total 171
    eng,reg,quant, were very easy.
    ga,computers were moderate.
    mostly they asked questions from budget and related to sports.

  16. 1.wilfred bony is related to foot ball
    2.ajinkya rahane is assosiated with cricket
    3.saji thomas is assosiated with rowing
    4.greates goal scorer -miroslove close
    5.rafael nadal is assosiated with which sport other than tennis-golf
    6.common wealth flag berar-vijay kumar
    7.strike is realet to which sport-baseball

  17. Bhai tennis to option main hi nai tha

  18. i got 18/29.(neg mark included). ll i clear d cut off. pls reply guys.

  19. you belongs to which category?
    last year cutt of for sc & st - 17

  20. c tat ques again other than tennis -golf

  21. Other than tennis kha likha tha que main for rafeal nadal

  22. Itne kam kam attempts ......maine to 192 kiye h wid 95 per accuracy

  23. Eng -40 reas-40 , maths -37 comp-40 ga -35

  24. Rafael nadal is associated with which additional game? - table tennis.

  25. Strike term is associated with baseball.

  26. Swacchh bharat to be achieved by? 2019.

  27. quetion ye nahi tha second game at which rafel nadal played.......
    tennis to option mai hi nahi tha

  28. 5.RAFA question ans : football or golf ?


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