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September 21, 2014

Reviews of IBPS RRB CWE III (Office Assistants) dated 21 Stptember 2014


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Review shared by Shilpi Shukla from Uttar Pradesh
Hi friends,
       I am SHILPI SHUKLA from Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh). I attended the IBPS RRB Office Assistant  exam  today(21.09.2014) morning shift.I want to share my  experience.The exam was moderate, first i tried Computer Section which was very basic ,and i attended 39 question.some questions are:
  • Which  computer memory is known as volatile memory
  • Question related to system software and application  software………….
  • Which measuring unit is highest……….
  • Question related to binary number system……
Then I moved to GK SECTION   which was little bit tough for me ,I attended only 29 Question in it .Some of the question are:
  • Question related to padma bhusan Award…….
  • Love is related to which game….
  • Vikash gowda is related to which game
Most of the question are from current affairs ,but some are from very difficult also.

Then I moved to REASONING SECTION ,it was quite easy and I attended 39 question in it.some question are from –
  • Question based on sitting Arrangement
  • Based on line arrangement
  • Syllogism question
  • Data sufficiency……………….

Then I attended ENGLISH SECTION ,it was also easy ,there I attended 38 question ,it consist of question related to cloze test
  • Comprehension  was based on a story of elephant and rabbit
  • Basic grammar questions
At last I moved to  MATH SECTION ,in it I have much sufficient time ,after attending all 4 section I have 80 minutes ,this section was very easy I attended 37 question .
My attempts :
  • Reasoning-39
  • Math-37
  • English -38
  • GA-29
  • Computer-39
Total -183  with 99% accuracy

Overall paper was moderate and time is sufficient ,so don’t be panic ,question are very moderate ,so attempt patiently .
All the Best Friends.

Review shared by Arun Kumar E from Tamilnadu
Hi friends am E.Arun kumar today attend RRB Asst exam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

first of all exam was very easy.first i attend reasoning this section was very easy one seating arrangement,one linear arrangement,5 syllogism,5 in equality,5 data suff,and coding decoding,give 5 numbers in row that type of questions.

 and i next moved to gk this section was moderate.
  1. Gangavoram port located in
  2. Parliamentary rule committee chairman
  3. Sheik hasina pm of
  4. Dhaka capital of
  5. Shillong capital of
  6. Financial inclusion overdraft
  7. Heena siddhu related to which game
  8. D viju related to which game
  9. Amit kumar related to which game
  10. Zero effect zero defect slogan by
  11. Epfo pension limit
  12. Harshvardhan is minister of
  13. Chanakya also known as
  14. Cdr fullform
  15. Sagarmala project
  16. Indira awas yojna new name
  17. Quetion on mp making ideal village
  18. Prior to which year currency note shud be exchanged
  19. Denior citizen tax exemption limit
  20. 200 cr allocated for stadium in which state
  21. Which organization is worried for ebola
  22. Jan dhan yojna is for whom
these type of questions asked in this section

and i move to next section computer this is also very easy u attend easily 25.and i move to english this is also very easy,passage-10,rearrange-5,cloze test-10,error-5,suitable answer in the blanks,error correction-5.

and i last move to aptitude this was very easy 15 simplify,5 number series,DI-5,another 15 comes random questions. easily you attend 30 +.

I attended reasoning-40(35 mins),Gk-27(15 mins),comp-32(10 mins),eng-32(20 mins),aptitude-34(55 mins).and check answers for (10 mins) totally 165 i attended with 95% accuracy.concentrate more gk

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