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September 23, 2014

Reviews of Today's RBI Assistants (23rd September 2014) Online Exam


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Review shared by Paritosh Sah from Jaipur
I'm Paritosh Sah from Jaipur. I want to share my RBI Asst Exam (morning shift) with u and all.

I have attempted Maths section first and it was very easy.
  • questions asked were from calculation basic clerk level.
  • 2 ques from CI & SI
  • 1 ques from speed and boad.
  • 1 DI(easy)
  • 5 series ques.(very easy)
  • time and work.pipe and stern.
  • 2-3 ques from mensuration.
I have attempted 28 questions with 100% accuracy

After that i have started solving Reasoning questions. This section was also very easy..
  • 5 ques from syllo basic clerk level(no probability)
  • 5 ques from days and subject (puzzle)
  • 5 ques from inequality.
  • number, symbol alphabet series.
  • direction
  • blood relation
  • and data sufficiency
Overall solving this section was like a child's play.

I have attempted 39 ques out of which i think 32-33 ques correct.

After this i started solving English Section
passage was very easy story of star, moon, sun and wind.(jaisa nani , dadi ki kahania hoti h na waisi hi.) haha.
spotting error 5 ques
fill in the blank in passage 10 bhi bacho ki kahani hi sbne suni hogi..ek rabbit tha jiske sir pe kuch gira or wo pure jungle me chillate hue bhagne laga ki aasman gira..sabhi ko yad h na..wahi aaya tha.

my attempt in this sec was 35 out of which i think 33 are correct.

now next section was GA
in this section i didnt got upto the mark pr 26 ques kiye h or avi tk 2 galtiyo ka pata chala h.
questions were
  • income tax limit extended upto
  • jammu katra rail line
  • cabinate ministers and their post
  • (rural dev minister, minority affair minister,)
  • best director in oscar, best actor in farhan akhatar.
  • runner up of wimbledon roger fedrer.
  • padm shree begum pravin sultan belons to-maharastra.
  • mamta ..(i havent remember full name) related to which game- kabbadi
  • union budget related ques..
  • and abbriviation 3 ques.
  • revolution 2020 book author.

at last Computer Section very easy and scoring i have attempted 35 of it.


Review shared by Julekha from Kolkata

Hi friends, this is Julekha from Kolkata. I would like to share my RBI Assistant exam experience with you guys.

The paper was damn easy rather than expected. as it is RBI thought it's tough, but no....

Computer, Maths, English were very easy.... Reasoning was little bit time consuming... and G.A. was moderate...

Some g.a. questions i remembered...
  1. Currency of Pakistan
  2. Prposed IIMS center
  3. Senior citizen tax limit
  4. World tobacco day
  5. Author of revolution 2020
  6. Oscar award best director
  7. Minority ministor
  8. Rural dev minister
  9. TFA full form
  10. Estimated gdp
  11. BRICS 100 billion related
  12. Nagarjun sagar dam
  13. Begam Praveen got Padma Bhushan for which category-
I have done only 173 :) :)

hope you will done better than me... all the best

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  1. Thanks for the update guys.......

  2. As puzzle,seating and sitting arrangements weightage and complexity has increased a lot.Please post a pdf exclusively on high level puzzle, circular, rows facing each other,north and south facing with solutions.

  3. Can anybody tell me when will they disclose the result of SBI CLERK...

  4. may be first week of oct

  5. thanks god bless you for your glorious future.....

  6. Hi friends, i attended rbi exam today evening. The exam was easy. GK, computer, English, reasoning were of easy level. Aptitude was little time consuming. But it can be solvable. My attempts were
    Is there any chance for me to get into the selection for interview. By the way thanks a lot Gr8ambitionz. Really you are great..

  7. sorry to say but how it is possible to someone predict result date...if someone do the same it is just rumor....becoz here everyone is like you if he or she has this type of info she or he will get the job easily...dont take it negative....

  8. Can anyone tell me about the difference between question answered and question answered, but marked as review later in online exam? I mean to say will the answers of marked as review questions also be counted with answered questions and thus will be taken into account? If say a person answered 155 questions and 25 questions are answered, but marked for review answer. Then will the 155 answers be checked or (155 + 25) i.e. 180 answers will be checked? Can anyone answer this?

  9. my exam was in afternoon shift. exam was quite easy bt i could attempt only 162, dont know itz enough or not.....

  10. review questions they wont consider

  11. TFA fullform ?

  12. 90 % accuracy means enough bro..

  13. they consider them as answered ...

  14. paper is easy but i attempted only 130 ,iam lack in maths.

  15. could some one pls tell me what was the GA question related to jammu katra rail line

  16. Thanx.. I was expecting it by the end of this week... Anyways Hoping for the best. Keeping my fingers crossed... god i can't wait anymore... n yeah best of luck

  17. mine was also good
    im satisfied with my attempts...

  18. i think 15 in ga yeah...

  19. trade facilitation agreement

  20. Raj
    Yes the consider them as answerwd

  21. gud luck @B|-|@\/Y@ ... my exam is on 25th sep :)

  22. thank u

    same to u...

  23. how to arrange exactly to right or left there is small confusion can u explain

  24. plz also provide problem on facing inside and outside...!!

  25. Plz upload questions of seating arrangements in pdf file. Difficult questions. Plzzzz

  26. sir please provide an example for rectangular seating arrangement

  27. madam please upload some 3d puzzle i.e 7 and 8 persons working in different fields and having different favourite players in cricket..............this kind of problem so that i can practice ibps clerical exam is on the 6th of dec.thnx in advance..........

  28. Can u post inside outside seating arrangement circle and inside outside rectangle facing sides and corner

  29. How to Solve these type of questions quickly?
    Study the following information to
    answer the questions.

    Eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are
    sitting in a circle, not necessarily in the same order. Four of them are facing
    outside and four of them are facing the centre. E
    faces outside &, both the immediate neighbours of E face the centre. H
    sits second to the right of E. B sits third to the left of E.
    D faces the
    centre. Both the immediate neighbours of D face outside. G sits second to
    the left of A. B sits third to the right of H. F is an immediate neighbour D. C
    is an immediate neighbour of G. D is not an immediate neighbour of B.


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