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September 23, 2014

Afternoon Session's Review of Today's (23rd September 2014) RBI Assistants Online Exam


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Dear Friends, I am Kamalakannan Iyemperumal. Today I have attended RBI Assistant exam at thanjavur , Tamilnadu. As usual primary checking completed allowed to enter exam hall at 1.30.PM . Exam starts at 2.00 PM.

Question Pattern :
This Year RBI prepares Assistant Level question paper for recruitment of assistant not like last year.
Because last time the Numerical ability was very tough and was not of assistants level.
Overall question paper difficulty level is Easy. The pattern is similar to old question papers.
Here is the sectional wise review

General Awareness:
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Three question related Union Cabinet Portfolio
  • Oscar award for best supporting actress
  • Book & author question ( whose the author of  book THE GUIDE) answer
  • R.K.Narayanan
  • Gobi Chand Realted to ……
  • Teachers day ?
  • South African Cricket Players who retired recently ?
  • So overall GA  questions are easy
General English
  • Reading Comprehension Question
  • Error correction
  • Find usage error or Spelling error in the highlighted words of the sentence
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Cloze Test
Download Previous Year  RBI Assistant  Question paper and  Work out  it. Because  reasoning pattern is same as  last year.
So Reasoning Section breakup follows
1.      Point P is 3m west to the point Q. Point Q is 7 m to the West of point R……..
Followed by 3 question like,
 What is distance between Q to R?
When a person traveling 3m west from point p then he met which point
Which points are in Straight line ?
2.      Data sufficiency Questions(5 Questions)
3.      Syllogism  two statement two conclusion (5 question)
4.      Blood Relation (5 question)
5.      Inequalities (5  question )
6.      Eight Person circular seating arrangement
7.      Seven classical dances on seven days from MONDAY to SUNDAY
following somes rules PUZZLE question ( 5 question)
8.      One English word is given for example COMPUTER how many such pairs of letters are there in the word each of which has  as many  letters between them in the word  as they have between them in alphabetical order ?
9.      Misc question like changing vowel letter in next letter in alphabetical order like that
10.      1 % g 6 * 9 H k &  ) S
Followed by 3 questions like
1.      how symbols preceded by letter followed by symbol
2.      15 to the right of 10 th from left end  …..
3.      If symbols are deleted then how letters are between 1 and K
Overall reasoning level is easy

Quantitative Aptitude :
 I  think after long time we need to open R.S.Agarwal quantitative Aptitude Book ,
(i)     10 questions from Simplification and approximation
(ii)    5 numerical series
(iii)   5 data Interpretation
(iv)    364 765 890 676 Three questions followed
1.      Arrange above number in ascending order and add 2 to even no and subtract 3 from even no  then what no. will be third largest
2.      Add 7 to middle digit of each number then subtract largest to smallest
3.      Replace 2 nd 3 rd digit of each number then add 2nd largest no. to smallest number then what will be the solution?

Then remaining question followed by
1.      Speed and time
2.      Train and speed
3.      Time and work
4.      Partnership
5.      Pipes and cisterns
6.      SI and CI
7.      Average
8.      Percentage
9.      Ratio

Computer Awareness
  • Difficulty Level is EASY
  •  LAN Full form CPU Full form
  • Bluetooth is _______ network
  • Excel related questions
  • Nothing new type of questions asked
This is  complete breakup of questions   in each sections asked for RBI ASSISTANT 2014. All the Best all :) Read more Reviews and Study Materials of RBI Assistants Online Exam 2014 from here
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  1. Maths was difficult...hmmn...All the best Kamalakannan !

  2. awesome memory .....thanks a lot

  3. in quant section ...
    what level of questions were asked on cistern, profit nd other type

  4. not too easy....moderate ones....from pipes and cisterns,it was like 2 pipes fills in with 28 hrs and 30 hrs...and three-fifth of the tank is filled,then how may minutes it will take to fill d remaining,if both pipes are open together(sorry that can't remember the question exactly).

  5. When will rbi publish this results ??

  6. AIIMS proposed only 4
    and IIT and IIMS both r 5 each....

  7. No1 knows exactly...... Sept end...or Oct 1st week

  8. German all time leading score retired- klose

  9. I am Rushikeh Bhoir from Navi Mumbai. I
    would like to share my RBI Assistant Exam ( 24 Sept 2014) experience
    with you hope it would help you.

    GA : Easy to Moderate

    were 5 questions from Union and Railway Budget. 3 Question from
    Ministers and there portfolios. 4 questions were from Places and its
    location(eg. Matheran a hill station is in Which State State). Several
    Question were from recent banking regulations and acts. one question
    from country and its capital. One from Country and its Currency. And
    some questions were from recent sports.

    Overall GA section was bit tricky but you can score atleast 25 in this section

    Quant : Easy to Moderate

    Simplification : 10 easy
    Number Series : 5 easy
    DI : 5 Moderate
    MISC : 20 easy to moderate

    quant section was easy but little time consuming so I can say you
    should go to the section in which you are confident and perfect. don't
    waste much time on this section. Spend Max 30 min on it.

    Reasoning : Easy

    Deductions : 5 easy
    Blood relation : 5 very easy
    puzzle on a newspaper on a particular day of the week : 5 easy
    Inequality : 5 Easy
    Mathematic operations :5 very easy
    Circular arrangement : 5 Very easy
    Misc : 8-10 easy

    Reasoning section was very easy you can spend more time on this section than quant so that you can score 40 out of 40.

    English : Easy

    Reading Comprehension : 15 : Very easy ( Story paragraph)

    Cloze Test : 10 Very easy (story paragraph)

    fill in the blanks : 5 very easy

    Sentence Correction : Easy

    Para jumble : easy

    English was also very easy you can solve all question in 20 minutes.

    Computer : Easy

    computer question were easy you can score more than 30 in this section easily.

    Overall paper was easy so I think cutoff will be also high this time.

    All the best guys.


  11. After finishing the exam during the submission does anyone got message like ERROR ON LOADING PAGE. I dont know whether my answers are save or not.. Pls help

  12. Don't worry.. Your answers would be saved, that wouldn't cause to any problem..

  13. oh thank you so much nice words to hear. me too hope the same... :-)


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