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August 16, 2014

Strategies of Planning in India


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Friends, in our previous post, we have discussed about the introduction of Planning in India. Today we shall learn about the Strategies of Planning.

Strategies of Planning

  • Harrod-Domar Strategy

    • First Five year Plan was based on this strategy.
    • This strategy emphasized the role of capital accumulation's dual character, which on the one hand increases the national income (demand side role) and on the other hand increases the production capacity (supply side role).

  • Nehru Mahalanobis Strategy 

    • Second and Third Five year Plans were based on this strategy.
    • Based on Russian experience, this strategy is a two sector model, i.e., consumer good sector and capital good sector.
    • This strategy emphasized investment in heavy industry to achieve industrialization for rapid economic development.

  • Gandhian Strategy 

    • It was enunciated by Acharya S. N. Agrawal in his 'Gandhian Plan' in 1944. The basic objective of the Gandhian Model is to raise the material as well as cultural level of the masses so as to provide basic standard of life.

  • LPG Strategy 

    • Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) strategy of planning was introduced by the Finance Minister of that time, Dr. Manmohan Singh under Narsimha Rao Government.
    • The strategy ended the 'licence permit-raj' and opened the hitherto areas reserved for the public sector to private sector

  • PURA strategy

    • PURA stands for Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas and was the brainchild of APJ Abdul Kalam.
    • This strategy emphasis on four connectivities physical, electronic, knowledge and thereby leading to economic connectivity to enhance the prosperity of cluster of villages in rural areas.
That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about the Types of Plannings along with India's Vision 2020 of Planning Commission. Happy reading.

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