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August 16, 2014

Today's (16th August 2014) SBI Clerks Online Exam Review


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Hi friends I am Saisudha Karadi. I have attended today's SBI Clerks Online Exam. The overall paper was easy. But I wasted my time on General Awareness (I could attend 34 questions but i have to sacrifice my remaining sections) and Maths (I could attend only 19 questions). Below are my attempts and review.

My attempts in Today SBI clrk xam were

  • 34 in General Awareness  - This section was very easy. Even the banking awareness section they asked basic definitions and expansions. There are no questions from latest current affairs. I expected some questions form FIFA World cup results. But there is no single question from this. Seems the paper was set for all SBI Clerks exams at once. 
  • 19 in Quantitaitve Aptitude (Moderate section but time consuming)
  • 24 in Reasoning (Moderate)
  • 36 Computers and Marketing (Easy)
  • 33 English (Easy)
Below are some questions I could recollect
  • Ethiopia's capital
  • A question on Census 2011 (literary rate or something)
  • A question on Socio Economy
  • Author of the Lowland 
  • The number of free ATM withdrawals in 3rd party ATMs
  • Full form of ECB
  • According to c rangarajan committee on poverty, how much percentage of population is below poverty line?
  • IOCL is going to open new project in which state-odisha
  • Ramoji film city is located in -hyderabad
  • Proposed money for BRICS bank - 100bln $
  • Who is Mario Goetze - German football player
  • China's currency
  • Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana is related to
  • Full form of KVP
  • Question on INS Kuthar
  • Who does credit rating in India 
  • A question on Forbes list
  • Who runs IRDBT
  • Author of the Accidental Prime minister
  • How much crore in 100 smart cities ?
  • A question on SWOT
  • Who is the minister of Food Processing
  • UBER and Thomas cups of the year 2016 will be held in which country ?
  • Which of the following is called Plastic money
  • World population day is on- july 11
  • Commodity Exchange is regulated by which organization ?
  • RBI maintains open market relationships to? to buy or sell govt bonds,to implement monetary policy(not sure for this)
  • One question regarding socio economy
  • Combination of software and hardware for internet connectivity ?
  • Saina Nehwal's book's name
  • An electronic component which is used for processing in computer ?
  • Bhartiya Mahila Bank linked with New India Assurance Co
All the best to all

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  1. India's 8 companies are there in world's top companies ?

  2. Thank you sooooo much. Waiting for this since morning.

  3. Who is not a member of security advisory council...

  4. which of the following is related to social economic and development global agency?

    1. opcw is related to terminate chemical weapon, opec is an org. of petro. country, so that it may be oecd

  5. Satyajit Ray Film and television Academy situated in?

    IOC biggest oil refinery going to setup where

    surface to air missile ranging25 km ?

    ECB- extrnal commercial borrowing.

    Mario gotze is a jarman football player

    which of the following is in binary coding?

    bits required to write 1000 in binary?

    B2B e-business means?


    2. bussiness to nussiness model


  7. evng secton

    ga 29 maths 29 computr 39 eng 39 resn 23

  8. Hi frnds i appeared for the evening session.paper was over all easy.i attempted 143 ques but m not so good at maths so i attempted only 14 we ques but with 100 % accuracy.Rest God knows :-) .the calculation were time consuming so i think it is better to attempt it first with a fresh mind or u wl panic at the reasoning ws moderate lots of questions from puzzle test arnd 20 i guess.Data sufficiency ws tricky one but answerable.coding decoding n syllogism ws easy.G.A ws easy no questions frm CWG.there ws one question from FIFA.but go through the every details of current affairs carefully.Eng was very easy one could as answer all the questions in 20 mins.And about the marketing n comp part i ws rlly scared as i m not dt good at computer section n everyone told me dt markting paper ws tough bt believe me friends this section ws easiest. if u have go through the notes from this site u cn solve all d questions easily.i attempted 33.some questions .....
    Capital of cyprus
    EVM stands for
    Labour n employment minister
    GDP growth forcast by WB
    Autobiography of Dilip kumar
    Air india headquarter
    BRICS headquarter
    Satyam case against raju
    Kundankulam plant
    Questions from budget(that is all i can recall for now)
    Comp- binary digits
    MS Office is what?
    Questions from software
    Hyperlink n HTTP etc.
    International marketing means
    4 P's
    Marketing segmentation means
    Marketing territory meaning
    Marketing customization
    Wholesale market
    Why bank sells insurance
    Telemarketing etc.
    Thats all frnds.all d best for your exams :-) .

  9. b2b means business to business..when trade is on business to business..n e-business means electronic business is done by org.means use of internet in business dealing work.all traction of business is done through internet..

  10. hey u said that they didnt ask any qstn ask from fifa wc but mario gotze is the geman player who scored the winning goal for germany.................

  11. how many attempted?

  12. i m from gujarat....and i expect my score between there any chance for me?

  13. plz tell me ur background n ur centre name n thanks to pub. ur review

  14. name of publication of book accidental prime minster by sanjay baru

  15. there were not similar questions on every system.....

  16. i m to scared and confuse coz in abov list lot of questions r there whose i dont no answers...

  17. capital of cyprus

    srilankan player who har retire
    currency of saudia arabia
    world telivision day
    minister of steel...
    2011 census base question
    fee of ombudsmann
    fifa world cup who got golden glove

  18. Frnds any guess about maths cuttoff of maths of punjab
    today i could attempt only 18 in maths pls rply

  19. Please tell me from where to prepare for marketing ?

  20. are the question in any section repeating

  21. thank u very much guys...............

  22. Thanks Great AmbitionZ :)

  23. Can any1 explain what is EVM ?

  24. can anybody have an idea what will be the cutoff in maths section.


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