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July 26, 2014

SBI Clerks Online Exam dated 26th July 2014 : Detailed Review and Questions Asked


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Hi Friends,  I am Yogesh Kumar from Delhi. Today I appeared in the Morning shift of SBI Clerical exam. Here is my review.
3 sitting arrangements (circular-all facing towards center, North-south facing, Circular-some facing center some facing away from center)
1 puzzle, coding-Decoding, Syllogism, inequalities, Data Sufficiency, Blood Relation

GA- Many Questions from International Affairs, Banking, Current affairs, General Studies (2-3 ques)
English – Passage(10 Q), Cloze test (10 Q), Error Spotting (5), Fill in the Blanks(5), sentence Rearrangement (5), sentence Correction (5)

Quantitative Aptitude – Simplification (Decimal numbers, Mixed Fractions), DI (5), Series (5), Miscellaneous (Time Work, Speed Distance time, CI, Partnership, percentage, Ratio, Age calculation)

Here are my Attempts

My Attempts
Difficulty Level
Time Taken
15 min
Marketing and Computer
Easy/ Moderate
16 min
20 min
39 min
Quantitative aptitude
45 min
135 min

I hope you get the overall idea of the level of exam. One thing that I have noticed after reading the reviews of 19 and 20thjuly exam and after attempting today’s exam is, as the exam is progressing they are varying the difficulty level of sections. So don’t be premeditated about the difficulty level of sections as in my exam GA was tough and others sections easy and moderate you may expect any other combination in your exam.  So, if you will come across any difficult section first don’t panic other sections will relieve you. ALL THE BEST

Questions from General Awareness

  1. World old age persons day - 1 October
  2. Capital Of Sweden- Stockholm
  3. Sign on 1 rupee currency– Finance secretary
  4. Nilgiri hills located at- Tamilnadu
  5. According to Census-2011 highest urban population density is of which state- Maharashtra
  6. Austrian grand prix winner – Rosberg
  7. About Telangana state – 4 statements were there we have to choose False one
  8. Which organization is to promote woman entrepreneurs
  9. Health and Family Welfare minister – Harshvardhan
  10. RBI inject Liquidity through – Repo Rate
  11. Fighter Plane made by DRDO – Tejas
  12. Cauvery water dispute tribunal committee chairman – B.S. Chauhan
  13. Japan's conflict with the which country regarding Diaoyu island – China
  14. A state which had no RRB – Goa
  15. Which country start using plastic notesFirst – Australia
  16. Sushmaswaraj Won from which constituency – Vidisha
  17. Venue of commonwealth Summit 2015 – Malta
  18. Name of the country where road named after A R RAHMAAN – Canada
  19. Recent banking license got by which company
  20. Stale Cheque related Question
  21. Warren Buffett call “Puts” and “Calls” the future of
  22. Which state is going to declare “Camel” its state animal - Rajasthan
  23. Who provides assistance to small industries: SIDBI
  24. Functions of RBI – Bankers Bank
  25. Dibang is in which state (Hydro power project is rejected at Dibang) – Arunchal Pradesh
  26. Who issues Govt. Securities and Treasury Bills on the behalf of Govt. – RBI
  27. One Question regarding Zero Coupon bond
  28. Kerala’s Folk Dance which is about to extinct
  29. Swarnarekha River water agreement is among which three states
  30. According to UNTCD report on investment attraction India is on which rank
  31. “Glimpses of India” festival was celebrated by which country – China
  32.  Earlier name of Axis Bank – UTI
  33. Caparo Group owner
Good Luck All :)
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  1. Nice... Thanks...

  2. Replies
    1. Marketing part was 50-50. Some Ques were easy some were difficult to ans

  3. Thanks Yogesh ji for sharing exam experiance.

  4. Replies
    1. computer questions please......

  5. thanks yogesh....

  6. hi yogesh i want to know how to prepare for the computer section as i a weak at it and also for gk which topics should i see please reply.

    1. I m from Engg Bckgnd So I never prepared for Computer. But I suggest u to have Basic knowledge of certain topics.....
      Input/output devices,
      Types of software (System software and application Software with examples),
      Names of Different Operating Systems and Brief Idea about them,
      History of computer (first computer, Devices used in different Generations)
      Types of computer (Notebook, PC, Mainframe, Supercomputer)
      Details about CD, DVD, Floppy (Storage Capacity, Full Forms,Tracks and sectors in a CD etc)

      These are basics of computer u can easily find these in any basic book.

  7. computer questions please......
    my exam is next ...........

  8. from where i should read to answer the questions related to banking awarenees

  9. gr8 wrk yogesh...most f d gk frm gr8ambitinz..thnx 2 d admin...i have d xam n tmrw....

    1. it is from quick reference guide or GA online practice questions????

    2. Most of them frm Quick guide. but prepare practice questions too

  10. Gr8 Work Thanks to Gr8 Ambitionz Very Usefull Reviews For Exam

  11. Thank you :) keep sharing

  12. Aaj ka exam bahut though tha yar.maths or reasoning ban hi nhi rahi thi

    1. computer questions please......

  13. thanks for the review i had exam 2mrw mrng :(

  14. thanks yogesh for sharing ....

  15. hi yogesh thanks for sharing ur reviews dear i just wanted to know that the questions they are asking from time and work, age problems, S.I, C.I are whether direct or indirect and trciky

    1. Mostly Ques are direct but you may find some ques lengthy....
      one Ques I remember of maths
      A is 60% more efficient then B. A can do the work alone in 15 days then How much time they take together to do it.

      In CI I have ques of varying Rate of Interest.
      Rest will depend on ur Luck.... but I suggest you to prepare for tough level who knows what will be the Level of Ques in ur exam

  16. hey yogesh are they asking direct questions from simple n compound interest and age problems or indirectly and tricky questions

  17. i had my exam today mrng shift general and banking awareness was more than expected
    i prepared nearly 400 mcq questions but ly 5 was there from that
    marketting was ok
    last yr atleast got selected for interview no chance this time very upset.
    kindly prepare gk section seriously

  18. From where should i read general awareness

    1. For Banking part you may refer Arihant publication book "Banking Awareness" and Gr8AmbitionZ also posted a lot of material for this section and for current affairs refer "Quick reference Guide" by Gr8AmbitionZ.

  19. i attemted clerks exam the last the msg that the answers are saved successfully is came but submit option didn't the sreen it is written page error.pls tell me whether my paper will be valved or not

    1. If it showed the msg that "ans are successfully saved" then no need to worry about

    2. If it showed your total number of attempted questions.. Then it's fine.

    3. Thank you so much for clarifying my doubt.

  20. my attempts
    ga- 25
    quant- 28
    reas- 24
    eng- 26
    marktng and comp- 26
    total 129...

    reasoning ka puzzle to solve hi nei ho rha tha..
    how could u guys solved it....

  21. thanx a lot yogesh sir and gr8ambitionz team :) :)

  22. I have not download application form for rrb clerks
    Is it necessary to have that
    Please help me out

  23. hi. can anyone please let me know the exact duration of exam ?

  24. i attempt 144 in morning shift.accuracy is well

  25. I ve attended 126 only I attended reasoning n apt last I ve done only 15 question each ...cud I qualify sectional cutoff ..???? Pls smbdy reply

  26. How was the questions of Marketing??

  27. hi yogesi
    i think ur gk is very gud ......let me know how u ve
    mange to prepare ur gk the book that u ve
    followed i always confused with newspaper,, books ,,, and online gk
    even than i dont mange to attempt that section with confidence......
    plsssssssss help me just tired of all that

    1. GK building is a gradual u have heard that "Rome was not built in a day"
      so as with GK. Read monthly magazines, Daily newspaper (spend about half hour on it), and spend half our on ur selected pages on internet for daily GK. u may write ur own daily GK in a separate notebook (only useful info and in brief)

      For banking part Gr8AmbitionZ have a lot of material read that and u may refer Arihant publication buk for "Banking Awareness"

  28. thanks alot yogesh bro. . . big thanks to gr8 :-)

  29. thank you All the best

  30. Thanks for sharing reviews..
    Please provide some idea about marketing questions.

  31. total how many puzzles are it 4 or 3?

    1. 3 sitting arrangements and 1 puzzle (they give us days, class in which they study, and subject)

    2. seems ur reasoning is gud..plz tl me frm where i can prepare for reasoning except r.s.aggarwalz buk

  32. thank u so much yogesh bro

  33. Hi Yogesh,
    Did you get the non verbal reasoning questions?

  34. do any banking awarenez questionz s asked in SBI CLERK

  35. thanks for sharing ur experiance about sbi exam,time duration and most important the questions which helps alot..goodluck for ur result


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