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July 26, 2014

SBI Clerical Exam Morning Session Reviews (26th July 2014)


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Review shared by Praveen
Hello guys its Praveen from Karnataka, today i had attended the SBI clerical exam in morning session, so here is my review. 

First i attended Reasoning section it was moderate, and little bit time consuming i had attended 19 question in that with 100 percent accurancy, in this section they asked seating arrangement question for 4 people facing inside and 4 people facing inside,and 8 pople sitting in two rows, my advice to you people that dont touch these two questions in begining it self if ur not practiced before, syllogism and inequality was easy too

General awareness
This section also i feel little bit tough as they asked some difficult questions. Here are some questions I could remember

  • Sushma swaraj elected from which constituency - Vidisha
  • A Question about Health Minister, 
  • Organisation is for Rural woman entrepreneurs - FIWE (Ferdeation of Women Entrepreneurs).
  • World old age persons day observed on - 1st October  
  • Capital of Sweden - Stockholm, 
  • Who signs on 1 rupee currency notes - Finance secretary 
  • Nilgiri hills located at - Tamilnadu 
  • Highest urban population density which state - Maharastra 
  • Winner of Austalian Grand prix - Rrosberg 
  • A Question on Telangana State

Computer and Marketing
This section was dead easy. If u have some basic knowledge on computer and marketing u can able to answer nearly 35 questions, 

This was one more easiest in comprehension they gave one small story and asked 10 question on that my advice u people that take 3 to 4 min and read the story so that easily u can get 10 out of 10, and cloze test was also easy for 10 marks and they asked rearrangement of sentences for 5 marks.totally it was dead easy

Quantitative Aptitude  
This section was neither easy nor tough also, my advice to u people is go for data interpretation first in that very easiest things they asked like finding the average, difference, and ratio, number series u can get 3 answers in first glance itself, simplification they gave in terms of mixed fraction so concentrate on that later they asked  questions no SI and CI profit and loss, men and work, speed and distance. 

My attempt were 
  • GK-32
  • ENGLISH-32
with good accuracy. That's it folks, all the best for your exams too  :)

Questions shared by Shruthy Chandran
  1. Health minister  
  2. Highest Urban population in which state  
  3. Organisation is for Rural woman entreprenuers  
  4. Capital of sweden  
  5. Country which has " rahman street"  
  6. Which state made camel as state animal  
  7. Common wealth summit 2015 will be at?  
  8. Old name of axis bank


  1. hi praveen please tell me how to prepare the computer section and what topics i should cover for gk . there are so many topics so i am very afraid as to how to cope up with it . please reply.

    1. in computer study input output devices name and what are the types of system and application software for ex-linux is operating system excel is application sofware like that and common abbrevation like BIOS -basic input and output system . Devices used in different generation of compu,and mainly study about internet and e-mail surely there will be nearly 3 questions ji all the best

  2. computer questions please........??????????
    my exam is next........!!!!!!!!

  3. Thats true review....

  4. Nice bro..this time what may be the cutoff score for Karnataka? I gave my exam on 20The July in Karnataka and I attempted 158 with good accuracy

  5. Please provide the capital of all the countries with their currency as soon as possible

  6. 2 july 2014 evening setting sbi cleark. resoning, computer and marketing, english paaer was good. but gk questions were tough. only 15 questions were attempt by me.

  7. please tell me the duration of xam.......

  8. Thanks for this update.... hope i can attempt the same..
    and Thanx Again to reduce my fear

  9. is aptitude easy?

  10. i attempted clerks exam the last the msg came that the answers are saved successfully but submit option didn't the screen it is written page error.pls tell me whether my paper is valved or not

    1. No need to take tension .. Its valid . No need to submit the exam just click your answer..server automatically submit the exam after the completion of time.

  11. Well Thats really true about today's exam... was little disappointed with General awareness part.. As in the booklet of completer detail.. it was being said that general awareness is to be prepared.... n hardly 6-7 ques were there from last 4-5 months... So guys really have no idea that what to prepare.. as for now prepare that current affairs part for GA n baki jo pehle padai kar chuke ho vo hi kaam aane vali hai .....
    My attempt was
    GA-30 totally different from last year
    Quants-27 little tough
    English-28 I've done this part in last 10 mins.. otherwise could easily do 30-35.. Easy
    Reasoning- 30 moderate
    Comp- Marketing- 37
    please revise previous year papers..
    Computer was hell easy... you can prepare basics of computers.

  12. Sir,,,,I have some query i have not taken printout of application of RRB's after submitting application,,,,,will they allow me to attend interview or not??

  13. ready for next RBI EXAM ,3 AUG

  14. plz tell me quantitative questions

  15. how many questions came from the non verbal part of resoning?

  16. i have attempted 139 questions in sbi clerk with accuracy, is there any chance to get interview call


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