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April 28, 2014

SBI Clerks Marketing Model Practice Bits - Set 6


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Consumer day is celebrated on _________________
  1. 15th March
  2. 25th March
  3. 29th March
  4. 5th March
  5. 16th March

Which product is MOST likely be purchased through routine decision making ?

  1. Car
  2. Desk
  3. Shirt
  4. Soft Drink
  5. Television Set

The three major categories of influences that are believed to influence the consumer buying decision process are personal, psychological, and

  1. person-specific
  2. social
  3. demographic
  4. situational
  5. cultural

Consumer behavior, Perception is a process through which
  1. a consumer make ultimate purchasing
  2. a consumer is satisfied
  3. a consumer's mind receives, organizes and interprets physical stimuli
  4. both 1 and 3
  5. none of these

Perception is a three-step process that involves
  1. motivation, personality and attitudes
  2. collecting, eliminating and organizing information inputs
  3. selecting, organizing and interpreting information inputs
  4. anticipating, classifying and discarding information inputs
  5. none of these

A change in an individual's behavior prompted by information and experience is called
  1. learning
  2. role selection
  3. perception
  4. inculturation
  5. motivation

In on-line marketing, there is
  1. No exchange
  2. Exchange is the core of marketing
  3. Guarantee
  4. Only warrantee
  5. None of these

In a market, the kings are _____________________
  1. consumers
  2. suppliers
  3. producers
  4. marketing personnel
  5. none of these

Which among the following is / are characteristics of common market ?
  1. a common external trade policy exists
  2. there are no trade barriers among members
  3. creates mobility of factors of production
  4. all of these
  5. none of these

In case of diamond, if the price goes up slightly, demand will fall by a much larger margin. The demand is
  1. Zero elastic
  2. Highly price elastic
  3. Income elastic
  4. Low price elastic
  5. None of these

In modern times ____________ is defined as the 5th P of Marketing
  1. Policy
  2. Period
  3. Perception
  4. Packaging
  5. None of these

The three major personal influences believed to affect the consumer buying decision process are
  1. perception, motives, and attitudes
  2. personality, learning and perception
  3. demographic, situational and altitudes
  4. situational, lifestyle and demographic
  5. situational, perception and motives

The purchase of ___________ is least likely to be affected by demographic factors
  1. a car
  2. table salt
  3. a computer for home use
  4. fast food
  5. low fat cheese

Advertising creates consumers demand for products that they would otherwise not feel need to buy. This statement is
  1. Partially true
  2. Absolutely true
  3. Partially biased
  4. All of these
  5. None of the above

The Strategy used to charge different prices for the same product is called
  1. Price discrimination
  2. Price Revision
  3. Tariffs
  4. Restrictions
  5. None of these

Psychological forces that influence where a person purchases products on a regular basis are called :
  1. convenience responses
  2. patronage motives
  3. shopping motives
  4. pattern responses
  5. routine decisions

A consumer's buying decisions are affected in part by the people around him or her. These people and the forces they exert on a buyer are called
  1. motivational influences
  2. social factors
  3. roles
  4. personality influences
  5. cultural influences

Which among the following is a fundamental right of consumer ?
  1. Right to safety
  2. Right to be informed
  3. Right to choose
  4. All the above
  5. None of the above

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 provides ______________
  1. convenient procedure
  2. time limit
  3. check on unfair practices
  4. all of the above
  5. none of these

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  1. what is the 2nd bit
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    1. It's a typo Friend. Corrected now. Thank you so much for the update.

  2. mam plz post the previous papers of sbi po

  3. thanks for marketing questions

  4. Should one should follow a different study plan for SBI po and ibps po? I mean.. Is there a lot of difference between the two.

  5. Sir, i have 1 doubt i am Btech graduate.recently some r saying Btech gradtes are nt eligible for upcoming bank exams.isit true..clarify my doubt

  6. Btech graduates are not eligible for upcoming bank exam.som are saying like dis. please clarify this


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