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April 30, 2014

SBI Clerks Marketing Model Practice Bits - Set 8


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Data compiled inside or outside the organization for some purpose other than the current research investigation are termed __________ data :
  1. organizational
  2. primary
  3. secondary
  4. exploratory
  5. descriptive

The quantity for which orders are placed when stock reaches the re-order level is called
  1. EOQ
  2. EPQ
  3. DOQ
  4. MOQ
  5. None of these

In testing a new product, concept testing is
  1. Customer reaction to the idea of product
  2. Sales man reaction to the idea of product
  3. to put the real product into a few selected markets
  4. to assess the total product performance
  5. none of these

The real value of marketing research to the organization can best be understood by
  1. its immediate impact on profits
  2. the amount of time spent
  3. how much it costs
  4. improvements in the ability to make decisions
  5. the increase in sales volume or market share

The first step in planning a marketing research project is :
  1. conducting a cost / benefit analysis
  2. searching the environment
  3. defining and locating problems
  4. assessing organization resources
  5. defining goals and objectives

When more information is needed about the problem and the tentative hypothesis needs to be made3 more specific, marketers usually conduct _________ research :
  1. descriptive studies
  2. casual investigations
  3. exploratory studies
  4. statistical studies
  5. syndicated research

Secondary data CANNOT be obtained from :
  1. trade journals
  2. government reports
  3. Yellow pages
  4. surveys
  5. computerized databases

Casual research is
  1. Together primary data to shed light on the real nature of the problem
  2. to ascertain certain magnitudes
  3. to find out cause and effect relationship
  4. to explore the gravity of the situation
  5. none of these

The main aspect of 'casual research' is ____________
  1. necessary condition
  2. sufficient condition
  3. both 1 & 2
  4. neither 1 nor 2
  5. none of these

Niche Marketing refers to
  1. a strategy that specializes in limited or unique product category
  2. a strategy that specializes niche products
  3. both 1 & 2
  4. neither 1 nor 2
  5. none of these

Which of the following is the best definition of value ?
  1. a technical measure of a company's selling price relative to its production costs
  2. a measure of the mark-up charged by companies
  3. the lowest prices available to consumers
  4. the best price available for customer meeting his expectations
  5. the ratio of benefits to costs available to buyers

The major DISADVANTAGE of a mail survey versus a telephone or personal interview survey is
  1. having to offer incentives
  2. the low response rate
  3. the elimination of interview bias
  4. the lack of open-ended questions
  5. cost

If marketing research shows that an aggregate of people do not desire a particular product, the people in the aggregate :
  1. are a market for the product
  2. do not have the ability to purchase the product
  3. do not have the authority to purchase the product
  4. are not market for the product
  5. are a market but will not purchase the product

Which one of the following is an example of a customer in an organizational market ?
  1. a homemaker who buys detergent
  2. a consumer who hires a solicitor
  3. a shop owner who buys pencils fo ruse in his shop
  4. a plant manager who buys petrol for her personal car
  5. none of these

The two approaches to identify a target market are the :
  1. total market and undifferentiated approaches
  2. product differentiation and customer differentiation approaches
  3. multisegment and concentration approaches
  4. total market and market segmentation approaches
  5. none of these

Generally the best research approach suited for descriptive research is
  1. observation
  2. survey
  3. cross sectional
  4. experimental
  5. none of these

Generally speaking the best research approach for casual research is
  1. observation
  2. survey
  3. cross sectional
  4. experimental
  5. none of these

Which one of the following products is LEAST likely to be segmented according to stages in the family life cycle
  1. single person housing
  2. ford cars
  3. holidays to Greece
  4. Diet Coke
  5. Hotpoint refrigerators

The three psychographic dimensions most commonly used in market segmentation are :
  1. personality, perception and learning
  2. personality, perception and behavior
  3. motives, attitudes and lifestyles
  4. personality, motives and lifestyles
  5. none of these

Generally speaking, the best research approach for exploratory research is
  1. observation
  2. survey
  3. cross sectional
  4. experimental
  5. none of these


  1. 1. The distance travelled by a train is 1830 km. The speed of the train is one more than twice the time taken to travel the distance. What will be the respective ratio of the speed of the train and time taken to travel.give me answer with explanantion.
    2. If the fractions 3/5, 5/8, 18/25, 4/5,4/16 are arranged in ascending order, which one will be the second. if any short-cut method for finding this question? pls explain.

    1. find the LCM of 5,8,25,4
      It will be 200
      Make all these no. with the denominator of 200
      120/200=3/5, 125/200=5/8, 144/200=18/25, 160/200=4/5, 50/200=1/4
      Now with the same denominator you can find easily which one is smallest or u can find their order also

    2. Say Speed of the train is S
      Its given that Speed of the train S is one more than twice or the time taken to travel, Which we assume T
      Distance D=1830
      2T+1 = 1830/T
      corss multiply the equation and solve it
      we will get T = 30
      and we know that S=2T+1
      Then Ratio of Speed and Time will be = 61/30

    3. thank you rakesh

  2. postal assistant answer key..?

  3. mam for sbi po i heard if we don't have 60% in degree even we scored good in written and gd they wont select such candidate . i have 59% in my degree ,mam is it true?

    1. NO friend. Its not true. They won't mind your percentages. Focus on getting good marks in written and interviews. All the best.

    2. thank you so much mam

  4. hi mam ...
    madam please upload ...essays for sbi po on recent topics so it will be useful for us......

  5. Please Also add Banking Awareness Model Practice set

  6. thanks for marketing bits

  7. I did't get the family life cycle stuff? why diet coke is the answer..please help


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