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March 15, 2014

Seaports of India


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Friends, this is the 11th Lesson of our SSC CGL geography Study Materials series. In this lesson we shall discuss about important Seaports in India. Happy Reading.
  • Port : A gateway to the land from the sea and from the land to the sea
  • Harbour : A harbour is an enclosed area which provides shelter to the sailing wessels.
  • Difference between Port and Harbour :
    • A port has the facilities of loading and unloading cargo. A harbour does not have those facilities.
  • Artificial Harbour : It is mand made, it is built by dredging and constructing walls against the stormy sea waves.
  • Natural Harbours : Found along a fairly indented  coast line
  • Major Ports :  Governed by Central Government
  • Major Sea Ports : 13 (6 on West, 6 on East and 1 Corporate Port) 
  • Newly Added Major Port : Port Blair (June 2010)
  • Minor Ports (139) : Governed by State Governments
  • Major Ports of the West Coast :
    • Kandla, Mumbai, Mormugao, Mangalore and Cochin
  • Major Ports of the East Coast :
    • Tuticorn, Visakhapatnam, Paradeep, Haldia and Kolkata
  • Farakka Barriage : Constructed across Ganga River.
  • Mumbai Port :
    • Biggest in India with one-fourth of Sea-borne trade
    • Major Exports : Raw Cotton, Yarn, Textiles, Hides and Skins, Vegetable Oils, Manganese ore, Mica, Tobacco and Machinery
    • Major Imports : Petroleum and Petroleum Products, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Newsprint and Paper, Long Staple Cotton, Steel Goods, Metals and Medicines.
  • Chennai Port : 
    • Artificial Port, Man-Made Port (1859)
    • Second Largest Port with 15.1% sea borne trade
  • Visakhapatnam Port :
    • Natural Port, Land Locked Natural HarbourWell Protected by Dolphin Nose Hills, It has a rich hinterland
    • Third Largest Port with 12.5 % sea borne trade
    • Major Exports : Iron Ore, Leather Goods, Oil Seeds and Timber
    • Major Imports : Crude Petroleum, Fertilizers, Chemicals and Engineering Goods.
  • Kolkata Port :
    • Located on the left bank of Hooghly river
    • 148 km away from Bay of Bengal
    • Major Exports : Coal, Tea, Sugar, Jute Products, Hides and Skins, Manganese Ore, Mica, Lac, Scrap, Bones, Plywood and Oil Seeds.
    • Major Imports : Petroleum, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Iron and Steel metals, Cement, Paper and News Print, Railway Equipment, Food Grains.
  • Cochin Port :
    • Called Arabian Queen port
    • It is strategic location on the South-West coast
    • Main Exports : Rubber & Rubber Products, Cashew Nuts, Spices, Tea, Coffee, Sea Foods, Coir Goods, Coconuts, Refined Petroleum and Timber.
    • Major Imports : Crude Oil, Drugs, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Iron and Steel Machinery

Synopsis :  Major Ports in India :

  • Western Coast  
    • Kandla (child of partition)    
    • Mumbai (busiest and biggest) 
    • Jawahar Lal Nehru (fastest growing) 
    • Marmugao (naval base also)    
    • Mangalore (exports Kudremukh iron-ore)    
    • Cochin (natural Harbour)
  • Eastern Coast 
    • Kolkata-Haldia (riverine port) 
    • Paradip (exports raw iron to Japan) 
    • Vishakjapatnam (deepest port) 
    • Chennai (oldest and artifical) 
    • Ennore (most modern-in private hands) 
    • Tuticorin (southernmost)
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  1. India has 13 major ports.. mam this is not expected from ur team.. 13th is port blair.. we expect accurate info from u..plz correct it..


  3. can u please publish notes on imp places with their location like imp stadiums,park,sanctuaries etc..............

  4. how to solve if road =152 map=90 then rail=? plz help me...plz

    1. such problems r=18,o=15,a=1,d=4(respective number of alphabet).. total is 38.. now u have to find relation between 152 and 38.. its 38*4=152.. similarly for map,total is 30..30*3=90.. now for rail..multiply d sum by 2.. its my approach..

  5. how to solve if road =152 map=90 then rail=?

  6. "road " alphabets are r=18,+o=15,a=1,d=4,Now add them ie 18+15+1+4=38 after this multiply 38 with 4 as there are 4 alphabets in road word .it will result into 152 .ie 38*4=152,
    Now same goes with Map ,sum of alphabets of map give 30 and as there are 3 alphabets ,multply 30 with 3 Ie 90 ,,,,,
    Now Rail = 18+1+9+12= 40 ,multiply it with 4 ie 40*4=160 will be result....

  7. thanks bro @vinayak.....for ur kind help

  8. i think ans for the above que. is 160 bcoz the above approach is crct but the sum should multiply with the no. of letters in the given word i.e. (18+1+9+12)*4=160.

  9. Hi.. Friends.. Could you pls tell me which port is biggest in india and which one is free for trade?


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