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March 15, 2014

NICL AO Interview Experience of 15th March 2014


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Friends, here is today's NICL AO Interview Experience (IT) shared by our friend Ajeet Kumar. We thank him for sharing first Interview Experience of NICL AO and we wish him great success in his interview. All the Best :)

Name : Ajeet Kumar

Interview Date : 15th March 14

Interview Time : 10 AM Sharp

Interview Location : New Delhi

There are four members in the panel. .

One lady and 3 gentlemen...all are of age 45+..
Theyare very good and cooperative.

Firstly they asked me to be relaxed. .

One of them started from My Introduction. .
They asked about my Family, Siblings and what they do...

Later they asked me about my qualification and about the  year gap in professional course. .

After that the Male member asked me questions about my technical background (IT) ...
Area of the interests. .
Starting from network. .
Routers hub gateway and normal froms...
Hash algorithm to use and how to implement. ?
About what is algorithm. ?

.....3rd panel member. .... Female
Asked questions about Current Affairs. ..
Wekileaks. .What it does.. Wo is the MD/Ceo?
Aadhaar card CEO/Chairman. ?
Missing malesia plane mystery. . Where was the location. ?

......4th member .......Male (he was the oldest member in the pannel)
Tell me about ur district. ?
Have ever used RTI GOVTERNMENT facility. ?
What is how it implement. ?
How much cost u will pay for it...

My interview went for approximately 25 minutes. .. Hope my experience will help you all. Good Luck :)

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  1. Thanks Ajeet for quick sharing. Good One. May God bless you for the selection.


  2. wish u all the best

  3. nice questions and good interview

  4. jab se bhattacharya ayee h sbi me tab se recruitment band h. ma'am ab sabko pata chal gaya ki ap sbi ki first head lady h.ab to jashn band karo aur recruitment suru kijiye.aap to apni life g chuki h.ab berojgaro ko aur frustate na kare.clerk se age out ho chuki h.ab to lagta h ki po se bhi out ho jayegi.

  5. Hi Friends, Questions asked in my interview experience might give you an idea.
    Post: NICL AO
    Date: 14-03-2014
    Place: Hyderabad
    Time: 9 am
    I reported before 9 am. They verified my certificates around 11 am. I am 14th member. My turn came at around 1 pm.
    4 members in the panel 1 madam among them, she joined after a few minutes.
    M1: Tell me about yourself
    M1: What are the branches in Pharmacy?(As I pursued M.Pharmacy in Pharmacology)
    M1: What is Pharmacology?
    M1: What is the difference between Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology?
    M1: Which branches are in boom now?
    M1: Why you have opted this? ( I said as govt job is secuerd one. I opted for this)
    M1: If u r posted far away then it will be difficult for u know
    M2: tell me about women empowerment
    M2: If u are given a topmost administrative role in the country what will u do? To both men and women. And women in particular
    Madam: Asked something about some women in news. I cant hear properly. She again asked. I cant understand it. So I said sorry madam I dont know.
    Madam: P V Sindhu belongs to which sport?
    M3: Just observing me.

    Friends first they make you cool and comfortable.

    My interview lated for 10 min only. But first few candidates faced 20 min and more. Some questions which they faced in common are:
    What do you know about insurance?
    Tell me about your native place
    Questions on data filled in our interview sheet.

    Thats all friends. I wish you all the best for your interview.


  6. its my pleasure to all..
    All the best who are going to interview....!!

  7. pl upload more interview experience


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