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February 16, 2014

My Interview Experience in IBPS Clerk - Nagaraja Varma


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Name : Yuga Nagaraja Varma 

Qualification : B.Tech (IT)

venue : Andhra bank zonal office , Guntur (Andhra Pradesh)

Panel : II (morning)

Interview Date : 13th feb 2014

IBPS Score : 123

Note : total interview in Telugu language and little bit English only.

At the time of verification they are give one white paper for testing Telugu verbal skills.

I entered gently and said morning wishes all panel members ( m1, m2, m3, f4 ).

Panel : ok mr varma please be sit.
Me : thank you sir

panel : tell me ur self briefly.
Me : i started my details in english but they stopped in middle and
said " mr varma speak only in telugu " then converted english to

Panel : tell me ur strengths
me : replied

panel : weakness?
Me : replied

panel : upto now what ur doing (because i completed my graduation 2011)
me :replied (they satisfied)

panel: whats ur score
me : 123

panel : which institute ur
me : nandhyal

panel : ok from how long to take coaching in nandhyal.
Me : from last 11/2 year sir.

Panel : ask about expenditure.
Me : replied

panel : recently which movie ur watched?
Me : 1

panel :how is that movie
me : nice sir

panel : but that movie was average !
Me : no sir, as a film its excellent triller movie but unfortunately
movie rating low.

Panel : in this movie they are using graphics right?
Me : yes sir

panel : ok tell me what is graphics , animation and multimedia?
Me : replied and they satisfied.

panel : they are ask about computer education ie., what is information security. About embedded systems . Like that
me : i replied all of those

panel : i think ur graduation percentage less  Compare to SSC , INTER percentages.
Me : i replied ( reason : upto my inter i studied telugu medium as so and so)

panel : why foreigners investments in india , tell me main reason?
Me : replied

panel : what is negotiable instrument.
Present bank rate.
RBI governor name.
Which news paper u read daily.
Me : i replied all things

panel : finally they ask about my family back ground
me : i replied

i enjoyed my interview they are very friendly and they encourage local language . . .

My interview done almost 10 - 15 min (i don't know exactly).

Anyway i hope that I ll get PO 3 , so clerk ?

My PO score 90 (OBC)


Thanks to  Nagaraja Varma  for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hi Nagaraj.good interview.i scored 85 in po n 119 in po interview was avg. What r my chances.

  2. U definately get PO ..

    1. My po interview was not good dear.thats why i m afraid.only answered 7 out of 11 quetions. How much will i get according to u.


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