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February 16, 2014

Clerks Interview Experience from Guntur - Rajeev Kumar


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Name :  Rajeev Kumar Vipparthi 

Qualification : B.Tech (CSE)

Date   :  11/02/2014

Time   :  1 PM

Venu   :  Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

panel  :  I

cast   :   SC

Score  :  107

I reached the interview center at 12:30,  document verification stated at around 1:30 my turn at 2:15.  

I entered into the interview room after taking permission there were 3 male & 1 female persons.

I wished them good afternoon all

M1: Mr rajeev please sitdown...
i replied thankyou sir...

M1: tell me about your self?
i replied....

M1: Did you get any campus interview at your college?.
i said no sir....

M1: why...???
i explained my personal problem...

M1: Ohh.. rajeev you disappointed me, i prepared many question for you regarding campus interviews (Kidding).... no question form my side

M2: what is data warehousing & data mining?
i explained....

M2: What is fishing...?
       what is firewall?
       what is Android?
       what is the use of Android?
       What is Human Interface computer?
i explained all with examples

M2: said you have great knowledge in computers.... good.
i said thank you sir

M3: kammam(city) is famous for what...?
i said Kammam district is famous badrachalam temple...but

M3: not kammam district only kammam city....?
i said no..

M3: tell me 3 rivers flow in AP?
i said godavari, krishna and penna.

M3: two more question about project..
i said no....
 hesuggested me, now we are living in 20th century we have to know about all things not only for studies...
i said OK sir.

F1: asked about CEOs of vijaya bank, sbi and icici
i replied..

F1: thank you, you can leave now..

i said thank you all

My interview took around 8 to 9 mins

Thanks to  Rajeev Kumar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Thank You Dear Friend for sharing your interview... :)

  2. hi i am ravi my marks 120 sc andhrapradesh
    feb10th i finished my interview they just asked about my personal details thats it
    any chances for me am very tensed

  3. wish u all the best

  4. Hello everyone i m mamta from rohtak haryana i want to share my clerk 3 interview which was held on 14 feb. They 1st asked about my date of birth i born in 1984 so they asked about 1984why it is famous and asked about operation blue star. Then they asked about my family and about qualification. I have done mba in hr+marketing so they asked 2 question related to marketing . Asked about cross selling. Thats all. Thanks


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