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February 16, 2014

CWE Clerk3 Interview Experience at Indore by Abhijeet Soni


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Name : Abhijeet Soni

Qualification : BE in ECE (2012)

Interview : Feb 14, 8:30 AM at INDORE (MP)

IBPS Score : 112, Cut-off 107 (OBC)

I was first to reach at my centre, so my verification finished soon and i was called at number 3.
            I entered the room n greeted them all, there were 1 lady & 3 gentlemen (F1, M1, M2, M3). M2 offered me seat n I thanked. M3 Confirmed my name n asked about my residing place.
M3: What your father do?
-I answered.

M3: What is your father’s income n your score.

            -Told them.

M3: Who is your role model n why?
-I told him about my father n gave some good reasons as it is easy to explain about your father (coz they don’t know him n think everything is true what we tell them)
But he proved his smartness n asked don’t you admire any great personality?
-I told “I admire my father but sometimes I agree with Gandhi ji’s philosophy.”

M3: Why?
-I told about his favour of non violent protest which is a 100% successful n some more ideologies. He agreed.

M2: Who is the Collector of your district, then SP n then MP.
-Answered all right.. n cleared doubt of M3 about MP as our district is newest one in Madhya Pradesh.

M3: Why your place is declared as district?
-Answered satisfactory.

M2: Do you think these types of declarations n status change results in any development?
-I told yes n explained the development we had in our district.

M2: Don’t you think the rate of development we have in present is nothing when compared with before independence, what are your views, were they more honest, or their working is better?
-I agreed with them that the development rate n work style was better. I told that they were focused on their ethics rather than personal interest. He smiled n said good. And offer others to interview me.
They were confused that who will ask n finally lady asked. She asked me a commerce term n I denied to know answer.

L1: What is NPA?

L1: What is the recent policy which RBI has launched to reduce NPA?
-I forgot n said sorry.

L1: How NPA are formed?
-Told about Bad loans n blah blah.

L1: What is Financial Inclusion?
-To Provide Banking facility to unbanked n financially incapable people.

L1: What is No Frills?

L1: Which is our national song n national anthem? What are the rules for singing it?
-By mistake I answered song as anthem & anthem as song.. but corrected at the same time. In told rule of singing it. She agreed n offer other to interview.

M1: What will you do for poor people in bank?
-I told to help n try to make them comfortable. Many illiterate hesitate to go bank as they are scolded by personals.

M1: If you get posted in any urban area near you town n your most of the time spent in travelling, then how will you interact with them?
-I answered about meeting people in bus n in my locality n help them.

M1: What if we will post you in Gwalior or anywhere so far?
-“I will be more comfortable to work there as being in local place we are gifted with family duties. No growth is there in local place.” He smiled n cracked joke that I think your health is growing at home (as I m lil healthy). I smiled n cracked a repartee “sir it’s not health gain but it is mother’s love, health loss n weight gain.” And they all burst out in laughs.

M3: Did not you have any campus recruitment?
-I told about my disinterest in IT, less marks for core field n TPO resigning tragedy during peak recruitment time.
He was little confused then again I cleared to him.

M3: So you could get the job in IT if provided with opportunity?
-Yes sir, I might get the job.

M3: Did not you try for off campuses?
-I told about my developed interest in banking n my source of inspiration to try for banking.

M2: Why you have done engineering then? You cud go for commerce. How will you utilize your skills in bank?
-I told that when I opt for engineering I was focused on it but its end was tragic. Then I focused over banking as my father praises it a lot. He has been selected in five banks n worked in two but left coz of circumstances, I like this profession now and will love it. And as I m a Maths student, I can work in bank.

M3: Do you think Recession is a chief factor of your unemployment?
-Of course sir, it has affected many IT jobs but as I decided to enter in banking job that is why I m here. He seemed satisfied.

M1 was observing me through out, n finally he questioned me.
M1: What is recession?
-Told about lending loans to sub-prime costumers, higher liquidity in market, lesser demand and high unemployment.

M1: What are your views about corruption? Is it possible in bank?
-I don’t have any idea of it at higher levels. But a bank manager may take bribe for passing a loan. So it is possible but not easy to hide. He said “good”.

M1: What are your interest and hobbies?
-“Sir I like cooking and crafting.”
 He said “Crafting.!”, its interesting. “What you do in crafting”?
-Sir I make best out of waste and I Explained.

M2: Do you know about any museum in India of waste materials?
-I denied.

M1: Definition of banking.
-Told a simple definition n was explaining more but he interrupted and said “Its ok, good”.

M1: What will you do in bank if posted in rural branch.
-I started but he interrupted me n he himself told that “In urban area we are very much developed but the present need is to expand banking in untouched areas, we need to make illiterate n poor people aware of banking n its benefits.”
-I said “Yes sir”.

M3: Thanked me and permitted to leave.
-I thanked n came out.

My interview lasted for more than 25 minutes. I tried to remind every question they asked but still much is left. It was more like a Talk Show rather than an Interview. Whole panel is so decent and friendly n listen me carefully.

I will suggest you to be true in every case fake excuse are easily detectable. All the very best to dear friends.

Thanks to  Abhijeet Soni  for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. One of the best interviews ever.

  2. Really marvellous.....i also njoud readng vry much...

  3. bro i too have intrvew in bhopal tomm i am from delhi............tell me how r the ques they mrks are 124 and what should isay if the ask why u applied feom here(i did for getting less cutoff)plz help

    1. They are asking very basic questions.. if the ask why applied from MP, be clear n true that you have applied for more vaccancies less cutoff, moreover mp has also hindi as local language. N working in other state is no problem for yoy. All the very best. We all are here to get the job or uske liye har koi kuchh bhi kar sakta hai.. atleast you have done leagle act.

  4. All the best......u did well in the interview.......


  6. nice interview and very interactive ALL D BEST

  7. nice interview.... which was ur panel number ? my interview is tomorrow morning same place...


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