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February 20, 2014

Interview Experience from Noida - shared by Pradeep Solanki


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Name : Pradeep Solanki

Date : 18th Feb, 2014

Panel : 6th

Time : 13:00 Hrs

Score : 138 (General)

Qualification : B.E (E&TC)

Venue : Bank of India Staff Training College, Noida

My interview time was 1 PM. but i went early and reached the venue at 11:30 AM.

Then after half and hour i was sent for document verification. Then from here i was sent to the waiting room. After the completion of the interview of the morning candidates  i was called for interview at 12:45 PM.

In the interview panel there were 3 Men and 1 lady.

I opened the door and wished the interviewers Good Afternoon.
they asked me to sit and i  said Thanks.

Q: Your Surname is Solanki. who are solankis and from where they are??
A: I replied.

Q: Tell us about your Family background?
A: i replied. as my father works in MCD then they asked me about it.

Q: Who is the mayor of MCD?
A: i said sorry i don't know.

Q: In how many parts MCD is divided?
A: I replied.

Q: why do you want to join Bank?
A: i replied.

Q: MCD clerk's salary is more than Bank clerk's salary then why don't you try there.. as more money mean more stability?
A: I said," yes sir, you are right but i need a job and right now this is the opportunity i have so whatever salary i'll get it will give stability to my life.

Q: Did you gave PO exam and if yes then what is your score?
A: I replied.

Q: Your score is good you may be selected as PO then why did you came to give clerk's interview?
A: I said," Sir, PO result has not been declared yet and i see clerk as a good opportunity so i came to give this interview.

Q:Tell us about the Budget?
A: told them few point but they were not impressed and asked me whether i have read it in newspaper or heard these from the candidates outside :-p i replied sir read it in a website.

Then say wished me All the best and asked me to leave.
I said Thanks you mam and sirs.. and left.

My Advice:
  1. Go the venue early.
  2. Don't forget any document.
  3. Prepare question about yourself and your family.
  4. Read about budget.
  5. Be confident and keep smiling :-)

All the best to all of you.

Thanks to Pradeep Solanki for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. All the best.u will get through..what was your po score?

  2. Kyun tumne kya krna hai waise 78 hai

    1. Just wanted to get an idea about my chances....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. plz tell us Pradeep .. did you get selected ?

  5. Dear Gr8AmbitionZ team... what is the safe score for a General candidate in cwe-clerk written so that he may get selected even after "not so good" interview..... 140 ?? plzz reply :)


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