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February 20, 2014

Accounting Basics Study Material for Panchayat Secretary Exam - Pdf Download


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Friends, here is the pdf file of Accounting study material for upcoming Panchayat Secretary exam 2014. Initially we planned to post a detailed preparation plan on AP Panchayat Secretary exam followed by daily lessons on accounting. But due to hectic work we were unable to make it possible. So we are giving you all the accounting basics in pdf format. This small pdf file consists the basic definitions of accounting and book keeping, Objectives and Importance of Accounting, its functions, advantages and disadvantages, accounting methods, types of accounts, branches etc and the basic accounting terminology you should know for the panchayat secretary exam. You can download the pdf file of accounting basics from below mediafire link. We hope, you will make proper use of our efforts. All the best for your exam :)

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  1. Thank You Very Much.............

  2. Hello Admin ,

    Is that true that SBi is planning not to recruit for next 2-3 yrs as its become expensive for sbi on Per employee cost Please reply i commented so many things but u didnt reply Please atleast now u can respond hope so...

    1. Its not possible for us to respond each and every comment here dear. And about ur question, in an interview the ceo of sbi has said that they are gonna reduce the recruitment. That doesn't mean they completely will stop recruitng new people. Lets hope for the best... good day


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