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February 22, 2014

Clerk 3 Interview Experience from Raipur - Abhyanand Jha


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Name - Abhyanand Jha

Qualification - B. Tech(Electrical & Electronics)

State - Chattisgarh

Category - General

Venue - Hotel Venkatesh International, Raipur

Panel - 3

Date - 15/02/2014

I reached the venue at 8:15 am ,there were lots of candidates waiting outside the hotel.
Sharply at 08:30 AM they allowed us into the hotel.

They started verification at 9:00 am, I was 13th in the list.
During verification process the hotel staff also serves coffee and biscuits to all the candidates.
My interview starts 11:50 am and end at 12:04pm
I asked the permission to get in and entered the room.
There were 3 males and 1 female in the interview panel

The whole conversation was in hindi
Me: Good morning mam Good morning Sir
M1: A very goodmorning to u
      So u r Mr ABHYACHAND(they called 3 times ABHYCHAND in overall process and see my facial expression )
Me: sorry sir Itz Abhyanand
M1: OK ok Mr abhyanand, How r u?
Me: Fine sir
M1: U r Coming from?
Me: Ranchi
M1: by which means u come To Raipur? nd hotel?
Me : BY train nd by auto
M1: ok Did u like Raipur? did u visit any historical place in raipur?
Me: Answerd
M1 passes to M2
M2: So mr Abhyanand what did u do in ur graduation?
Me: Sir B-TECH(Electrical & Electronics)
M2: What is the difference between Electrical and electronics
me:Electrical is mainly based upon resistance ,capacitance and inductance where as electronics is mainly based upon semiconductor
devices and elctron tubes
M2: what is insulator and resistance?
Me: insulator is a material whose internal electric charges do not flow freely  and resistance  - which opposes flow of current, They looks satisfied
M2: but as per my knowledge resistance is absorbing current not opposes u didnt know about it
Me: sorry sir but as per my knowledge it opposes current
M2: sure
Me; yes sir 100%
one thing i want to share with u that during interview process i was like i am talking wid my family members
M3: u graduated in 2011 what did u do in these 2 years ?
Me: sir i m doing job as contract engineer in DAMAN and completed 1 project
M3: ok what is ur job profile?
ME : Explained
M3: Ok why Banking?
Me: Itz a continous growing sector in our country ,tech savy nd blah blah
M3: suppose u r in loan clearing deptt ,one day one poor man came to you nd  ask to sanction a loan of 1 lac, what is the first thing coming to ur mind?
Me: explained but they didnt convince then i said his repayment capability
M3: yes this the answer...
M4 : What is NABARD ? who is the chairman? NABARD functions did they help poor directly or indirectly
Me: answerd confidently they look satisfied
M1;tell me about ur family members?
Me answerd
What is ur score ?
me: 100
M1:Did u think this is good score ?
Me: i can score better but i m satisfied with my score
M1: Ok mr abhyanand thank u
Ucan leave now thank u
Me thank u sir nd mam

Tips : Be calm and show confidence in your voice in my whole interview they just ask only 2 banking releated question
This is the sign of Positive or negative thinking of interviewrs

Please suggest Friends.... What r my chances?

Thanks to Abhyanand for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. wish u all the best

  2. somebody tell me the result date of clerk 3 pls

  3. it will out at the end of feb or in first week of march :)

    1. No. It will be out in first week of april.

  4. somebody tell me ibps po 3 result date.

    1. April 1st ibps. They r telling this.

  5. Your Interview was Good Bro..u have chances of 70-80 marks in interview..or i can say maximum marks..u did well..
    All the Best

  6. I got 117 from andhrapradesh.,is there any chance to get a job if i get maximum marks in interview


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