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February 23, 2014

Interview Review from Dehradun - Saurav Ranu


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Name : Saurav Ranu

Time & Date : 8:30 AM , Panel I , 16th Feb

Venue : Malik Bhawan , Indra Nager Ddun

Panel Members : M1 , M2 ( both were around 60Y ) , M3 (45-50 Y ) & a young lady (F)

Qualification : BA

Documents verification was done smoothly at 9am.
Mine was Panel I & serial no. was 9th so not have to wait for long.
Interview started at 10am & my turn came at 11am.
I entered in to the room with permission, straight away greeted the lady first before the males. They told me to sit & I took my seat.

M1: What have you done in Grad.?
Me: BA completed on 2012.
He noted it down.

M1: Wts ur score ?
Me: 113 . He again noted it down.

M1: Tell me abt ur family ?
Me: I told in brief

M1: So as you completed your BA in 2012 , wt are you doing last 1 year ?
Me: I am preparing for the exams sir.

M1: What were your subjects in BA ?
Me:  Political Science , History , Eng & Hindi.

M1: As you have studied political science , please tell me the procedure for selection of President in India ?
Me: Sir I do not know this in detail but yes I know that only members of Parliament & the states MLA's takes part in the voting. I do not know the procedure in detail.

M2: OK tell me by how many votes last president won ?
Me: I said sorry sir I dont have any Idea.
Then he asked who is the current president , I told Sh.Pranab Mukherjee. He further asked you did not read the newspaper when he got elected , you should know by how many votes he won....I said  Sir I read but not that by how many votes he won. Then he asked me to guess any number . M1 also jumped in and asked to guess any number like 3,4,10,40,100,3 Lac ....4Lac. I said Sir how can I when I do not know at all. Then M2 said he won by 3 Lac votes , I said no sir cant be possible. He said I dont know exactly bt It was between 3-4 Lac votes and also told me to check it later in the day. I also asked him the procedure which he explained me throughly. ( Yes the Panel was very supportive )

This topic was end there. Then Next topic started.

M2: What is Insurance ?
Me: I replied.

M2: Tell some plans of Life Insurance ?
Me: Told him about ULIP Plan , Jeevan Saral & Jeevan Anand Plan.

M2: Is there any other company other than the LIC who provide  Life insurance ?
Me: Yes Sir. There are 20+ Companies in India. He said name 2-3 . I
told him name of 5-6.

M1: What are other types of Insurance other than the Life ?
Me: I confidently told him about General Insurance ( Motor , Home, Loan , Agriculture ) & Health Insurance.

M2: Why you choose Political Science why not Sociology ?
Me: Sir not any thought process behind it. He was not convinced so again asked but why not Sociology? I said I stopped my education after +2 for three years due to my job & then I realised that I should pursue Graduation as I wanted to be in Banks. So I choose BA with Political Science as it would be easy for me to clear exams as I was working also. ( he was still not convinced nor was I )

M2: Then He asked what are the random ways of selecting things ?
Me: I thought for a second and told him the way by closing eyes & select the option with fingers. All of them smiled :)
He said there is one more way , I asked which one Sir ? He said the way of Mr.Bachchan by toss. Then we all laughed.

Then M2 asked M3 who was silent till then to ask something. The female was also silent & was just observing me.

M3: Tell me 3 qualities for a Bank Clerk ?
Me: I thought for 2-3 seconds & replied Sir a bank Clerk should be very very Hardworking, Responsible person. He should be the one who gives priorties to the walkin customers & should posses a very cool nature to not to involve in any kind of argue with customers.
He said ok & looked convinced . Then M1 said Ok Saurav thats it thanks.

I stand up & thanked the panel with smile.

Guys I think my interview was not bad nor good , it was sought of in the middle. Whole conversation was fast & took only 7-8 mins.

Surprisingly they did not ask me any banking term.

They asked about insurance because the wife of my elder brother is an LIC Agent.

One thing in my favor was I never got nervous & I was full of confidence & remain the smile on my face through out. Panel was very nice & supportive. It was a very nice experience.

Pls Note : Dont be nervous at all . They will only ask the question related to your family & from your professional or personal experiences in life so far.

All the Best to all. Cheers :)

Thanks to Saurav for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. its a good interview nice conversation

  2. please tell me what is the age of young lady , because you have mentioned all other ages except the lady ?

    1. Le bhai Saurav.. Somebody asked the very important question on the earth.. -_-

      Retards.. retards... everywhere...

    2. Lols... bt dnt call anybody retard bro. All are good in their own ways :)

    3. Dear Frnd ,

      I did not check her ID so cant tell you the exact age :) Let me guess she must be b/w 28-30 Y. Looked b'ful with lot of dark makeup. She was adding Glamour to the Panel :D

  3. When is the last date of clerk interviews???

    1. I think interviews are already over (nt sure) expect result in April last.

    2. April first week..not last..dont delay bro :p its given in the notification..

    3. Im not delaying bro :) I also want it to be out soon. Gr8ambitionz people told me about it.

  4. Bhai me also done ba with poltics but he dnt ask any question rm that salo ne 40-50 quest banking se puch dala but my overall intv was gr8

  5. Saurav..even my interview was somehwat like ll come soon on read it..I m ronnie francis from nagpur..and do i feel...we both had somewhat similar kinda of Exp..

  6. well my intrvw too hppnd to be dere..all questns were being asked on GK nd not even a single qwustn on banking


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