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January 12, 2014

Interview Experiences of IBPS PO - Balaji (Hyderabad)


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Hi friends, my name is Balaji. My IBPS PO Score is 74. I attended IBPS PO Interview on 11.01.2014 at Andhra Bank,saifabad, Hyderabad. Here is my Interview Experience. 

By the time i reached there documents verification started. they called my name at 9.25 for documents verification. it took just 10 minutes. Around 10'o clock they send me and some other guys for interview
my turn came at 11.30a.m
in interview panel there were 3 men and 1 lady
m1,m2,m3 and mam
most of my interview questions were asked by mam and m1
m1: so u r balaji, done ur and then m.b.a. MBA in ?
me: hr
m1: u have done ur mba in 2008, wat have been doing all these years(expeced question)
me:sir, i have worked as hr executive in xx company for two and half years ,later resigned and started preparing for competitive exams
mam: when did u resign
me:in 2010 october
mam: what are ur stengths
me:mam,i m optimistic, hardworking and am a fast learner
mam:what r ur weaknesses
me:(dont know wat to say becz many r there) maaam...sensitiveness,
mam: what r ur hobbies
me; painting, teaching and practising yoga
m1:what did u prepare for interview
me:sir, some banking terminology and current affairs
m1:how do banks make profits?
me: sir, banks take deposits at low interest rates and lend money at high interst rate,thereby they make profits
m1:what is the present interest rate on deposits
me: sir, 8-9%
m1: waht is the lending rate/inetrest rate on loans
me:sir between 9.5 to 10.25%
m1: so,with the difference of one percent does bank profits
me: sir, the interest rates wat i have told are on fixesd deposits, but banks give only 4% of interst on savings accounts and no interst on current if banks maintain higher CASA, banks can make profits
m1 :ok
m1: what is ur father
me: sir my father worked in apsrtc and got retired
m1:where r they staying now
me: sir,with me in hyd
mam:r u basically from hyd?
me:no mam, my native place is guntur, after my dad got retired they were staying with me
me:no sir
m1: r u ready to go anywhere u r posted,.......u told ur parents r retired and staying with u and they must be elderly
me: no sir, i dont have any apprehensions working in other places
m2  and m3 are silent till now
now m3 started asking from beginning, u have done ur mba in 2008 what were u doing till now
me: aswered again
m3: what r accounting principles
me: sir.... i dont have knowledge related to finance
mam interfered and said that i have done mba in hr
m3:ok hrd..
m3:what r ur subjects in mba
me:sir leadship and change mgmt,perfomance appraisal and counselling, strategic mgmt,industrial relations and labour laws etc.,
m3: wat r the recent hr practices that companies r following
me:(dont know the correct answer but made a guess) i-recruitments, hr outsourcing,etc
m3:what is the advantage of u to the bank
me:( firstly i didnt uderstand the question then he repeated the question)
He is asking why should bank take me
I thought for a while and said sir new recriutees come from different streams and bring with them fresh ideas and ...
m3: i m asking about u
me: sir , if u take myself , i have done and then mba (hr) and now banking
i can adapt to any field easily and i have fast learning skills.this would help me to accustom to the rapid changes taking place in banking industry
mam:ok ,u can leave
me: thank u, HAPPY PONGAL
they all smiled

So friends, this is about my interview, don't know what the result is. Your comments r welcome. All the Best to all.

Thanks to Balaji for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hi...balaG,,I want 2 know about,,,exp. certificate,,,How they checked your exp. certificate,,,because i left my company before 2 yrs,,,now my company address and hr manager has changed who recruited me....pls give m some idea....

    1. hi pavan, this is balaji
      i dont have any service cerficate, neither i asked my co. nor they gave it to me. so i didn't mentioned it in my application. But i m sure the interviewrs will definetly ask about the gap, so said frankly said what i did. they didnt ask me anymore neither to show my service cerficate.
      but i hope if u have mentioned ur experience in ur application, they may ask for ur experience certificate

  2. Hi clerk i have got 25 more marks den cutt is der any chance.....sushmita here

    1. your score, category, and state is important to reply than just cutoff's marks. so plz do share them.

    2. I am frm obc category,......

    3. hii sunil garu... i got 85 obc A.P. in ibps po. my interview was not good. wil they fail me?
      plz reply

  3. hi everyone i hav a doubt actually my frnd got a call for intervw from APGVB but she mentioned her date of birth wrongly in her application. Wil it become a problem for her. she is worrying alot. If anyone know the solution pls plsssss rply here. This is asha.

    1. d.o.b is very imp. that is why they r verifying ssc marks list , id proof such PAN card etc, dob mentioned in ssc, pan, aadhar etc are authentic

  4. hi....everyone,,i have a doubt about PAN card ,,,in my PAN card DOB is wronged,, but i filled in the bank appln form corrwctly...pls give me some idea,,

    1. Helloo pavan
      you have 2 submitt any other Id proof of correct dob

  5. My DOB wrong in PAN card...i hv submitted drg exam i qualified clerk exam with 109 score???wt should i do??? for interview..pls give m some idea....

    1. hai pavan
      If DOB in pan card is wrong then u can submit any other id proof like licence,passport,AADHAR card like that!!!!!!!

  6. Hai balaji..
    Nice interview,surely u will qualify...I have one doubt,I am 2010 pass out batch..i have no experience,I am preparing for bank exam ..if they ask what did u do this 3year ,what should I reply????

  7. if u r preparing for any exams, tell the same thing or else if u have done any part-time job tell it,but whatever u say be honest, so that if they ask any questions on that u can answer


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