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January 12, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience from Assam - Abhishek Yadav


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Name : Abhishek Yadav

Qualification : English Honours Graduate (Currently working as UDC - Cashier with Employees’   State Insurance Corporation).

Interview Date : 5th January 2014

Venue : United Bank Staff Training Institute, Guwahati, Assam.

Me- Entered the room at 4.45pm. Four people in the panel. May I come in Sir.
M1- Yes come in. Have a seat.
Me- Thank You Sir.
M1- So what is your name?
Me- Sir, Abhishek Yadav.
M1- Where are you from?
Me- Sir originally I am from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh but I have been in Guwahati since birth.
M1- Why are you here? Your family is here?
Me- Yes sir my father got posted here in Guwahati. He works in BSNL as Rajbhasha Adhikari.
M1- Where near G.S.Road?
Me- Yes Sir the office is in Panbazar.
M1- So Abhishek what you think is the main reason for the atrocities against women you are atching in TV and news everyday? What is the reason for all these rapes and all?
Me- Sir firstly I think the main reason is no fear of police and law. The culprits know they can escape the law. Secondly they have been brought up in such an environment and society that they don’t consider
rape as a crime. They are street people.
M1- So what is the reason?
Me- Sir lack of education and respect for women.
M1- Main reason is that they are street people and they have not got the care and love from their parents. Infact they don’t know their parents. They are bastards.
Me- Yes Sir.
M2- So you have been brought up here? So you must know Assamese?
Me- Yes sir I know assamese(Said in assamese language).
M1- So where have you done your studies? Tell me the name of the school and colleges?
Me- answered. Then told that after graduation I started doing job so was not able to continue regular studies so took admission in Ignou for my masters.
M1. Where you are doing job and from when?
Me- Sir I work in ESIC since 10th September 2012.
M1- So what is your salary?
Me- Sir at present its 24000 gross.
M1- So why you want to get this PO job when you are already getting so much salary.
Me- Sir currently I am working as a clerk. PO job is a respectable job. So I want this job.
M2- You are already a Upper division clerk. Upper division is there na?
Me- Sir when I say that I am an Upper Division Clerk they only remember clerk they forget the upper division. (They all started launghing).
M1- Respectable in what sense?
Me- Sir, PO job is a job of an officer with a higher pay scale from the current scale in which I am working.
M4- But PO job has responsibility as well.
Me- Yes sir I know. And I think I can handle it. Because sir the place
where I have been posted now has only 2 staff members. 1 manager and 1 me. So I am managing the whole branch on my own.
M1- So what was your subject in graduation? Oh English Honours! Very Good. So tell me the name of any one poet whom you like very much and recite 2-3 lines of one of his poems.
Me- Answered. William blake and poem was Tyger.( Had memorized this poem and had decided earlier if it will be asked I would answer this.)
M1- Have you read the poem “Home they brought her warrior dead”?
Me- Yes Sir.
M1- Tell the main theme of the poem.
Me- Told.(But forgot the ending)
M1- what happened in the end?
M1- when that child was kept near her….
Me- Yes sir I remember now. At the end she cried but as a mother for her child who became orphan. She cried as a mother not as a wife.
M1- Tell me 2-3 plays of William Shakespeare?
Me- Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello.
M1- Who was the heroine of Othello?
Me- Sir.. mmmmm I think Victoria (he said NO, I will give you a hint. Her name started from ‘D”). Oh yes Sir , Desdemona.
M1- You have been in touch and still you forget these things. I have studied all these things in 1970s.
Me- Sir that’s why I am here and you are on the other side(I think I did a mistake here. I shouldn’t have said anything). M2, M3 started laughing but M1 said no no this is not the point. Now M3 started firing questions at me.
M3- What is Bank rate, SLR, CRR,NPA, Current account, Savings Account, Repo rate, Reverse  Repo rate? What are the current rates.
Me- Answered all.
M3- Why these rates are needed?
Me- RBI used these tools to have control over the money supply in the economy.
M3- Few days back the RBI people took some economic measures but
didn’t change the Repo and Reverse repo rates. Why??
Me- To control the liquidity in the economy.
M3- Liquidity is already there. Why the rates were not changed?
Me- Sir may be to provide growth and development.
M3- Yes. To provide growth.
M3- who is the chief minister, home minister, finance minister and health minister of assam?
Me- answered.
Lastly all this time M4 was sitting quietly. He asked the last question
M4- Abhishek , given a chance to work in Bihar and Assam what would you choose?
Me- Sir, Assam.
M4- Why??
Me- Sir because I have been brought up in this state. I love assam.
M4- Ok.

Then they said with each other in assamese done na? Then M1 gave me a Chocolate and said Happy New Year. I wished him back and left the room.

Though I think my interview was good. I think at some moments I said somethings which I should not have. Kinldy share you views friends. Thank You.

Thanks to Abhishek Yadav for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. what do they mean if they offer chocolates at the end of interview?. does it mean the candidate is selected?.

  2. they are offering chocolates to everyone !!!

  3. Hey its Sushmita....i hav got 25 more marks den d cutt is der any chance of selection in clerk 3.........its Sushmita here.....

  4. hey mje koi bata skta hai ki interview k marks se zyada farak
    padta hai selection me ya written se?aur interview me b fail
    hsakta hai kya koi??

  5. Hey its Sushmita....i hav got 25 more marks den d cutt is der any chance of selection in clerk 3.........its Sushmita here.....

    1. it does'nt mean you are surely in as get your marks in 80 instead of 200 and see the last year cutoff, it will give you idea how much you have to prepare for interview.

  6. hello can somneone tell when is this specilaist officer hallticket issued?

  7. hey, anyone knows how many people are shortlisted for p.o3 interviews and how many vacancies are there? pls answer

  8. kindly anyone say the cut off marks for clerk III general category

  9. Hello Abhishek,

    What is your score in IBPS PO???????????


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