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January 12, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiences - Kshitij


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Name : Kshitij

Qualification : BBA and MBA International Business, 3 Years Work ex in Sales and Marketing

Category : GEN

IBPS Score : 93

Interview Date : 11/1/2014 

Time : 8:30

Panel : 5

Interview Venue : BOI , Sec 62 NOIDA

We were made to sit in an Auditorium type room, they started sending 3 ppl each from each panel for Doc verification. Somehow the guy announcing the names missed out on my name, my number was 12, but cause of this error went with the last batch.
Next, long queue at the Doc verification, we were standing outside for like an hour or so. The verification people were kind of weird. They asked me my marks, then started asking me questions on accounting and stuff. I hardly had time to prepare the basics of the subjects i had studied in Graduation, had concentrated on Banking knowledge, GK and the Work ex part.
Couldnt answer his questions on basic accounting terminologies, he asked me whether i had given the exam or not, i was shocked to hear this and said yes. He said, but you cant answer such basic questions, so how did you manage to get 93. Now i was angry, this guy was questioning my credibility, so i said firstly its been like 9 years since i last studied accounting (2005, Grad first year), secondly you generally remember stuff that you keep on practicing and lastly the test that IBPS takes doesnt ask you about such things.
I was nervous, he was verifying my signature and documents. Then he said "Burra matt mannaa but karna padtaa hai, kyunki kaafi log exams mein gadbad kartey hain n pakdey bhi gaye hai". I was like ok and do whatever you have to do and finish up with my docs, so that i can give my interview in peace. Finally, the verification was over, i was nervous, a bit shaken cause of the verification guy.
We were made to sit  in another room on the 1st floor, where a interviewees from a few panels were made to sit and wait. I gathered my senses, let go of the nervousness, put on a smile and waited for my turn, People were still sitting and preparing, which i feel was weird.
Finally, my turn came, a nice old gentlemen called  my name, i was made to wait outside the room for a bit. Interacted with this old gentlemen, he was very nice and talking to him helped me to calm down.
Inside 4 member, 4 Males and one female. Apart from one guy in his 30's all were old. Asked them for their permission and entered, said Good afternoon (it was around 12:30 by now), asked their permission to sit.

M 1: So Mr. Kshitij, tell us about yourself.
Gave a brief about being from Delhi, education and then started to elaborate on my Work Experience, as i wanted the interview to be focused on it.
M 1 : So how much are you earning.
XX amount.
M 2: That is quiet a lot from what you would be earning in a bank, you know how much is the pay.
I said, around 26k and said that i know that and after a lot of deliberation only i have taken this decision and it was not easy to decide.
M1 : you started at an xx package approx 30 months ago and have got nice increments, you wont get such increments in a Bank.
I knew they would ask me such things, so gave my point of view, don't know if they were convinced or not.
M1 : Have you prepared anything?
I said, Sir, Basics of Banking.
M1 : What are the products and functions of a Bank?
Explained, missed out on Credit cards, which M! mentioned. I smiled and said yes sir, that is also there.
M3 : Oh you have studied International Business. So how does it take place?
Explained import and exports, why do countries export and import.
M3 : So you mean whatever is surplus can be exported, then why is India not exporting steel, our plants are functioning below capacity.
I said Sir, Chinese steel is priced lower, price competitiveness is also neccessary.
M3 : Haan toh this is also part of it.
Yes Sir i agree.
M3 : Acha, do you have any idea of LC's?
Said Sir, bookish definition i dont remember, but can explain with an example. Started explaining, was wrong in certain areas, he corrected me an moved on. Forgot to mention that seller gets an advance from the buyer. M3 asked me, paisaa last mein hee aata hai? I corrected and said advance bhi miltaa hai Sir, once the Purchase order is issued.
M1 : NRE/NRO accounts, must have come across, as you have studied IB and also work for an MNC?
Sir, no idea.
M1 : Chalo koi nahi.

M1 and M3 looked at M2  and F1, any questions they said no.
Smiled, said thank you and wished them a good day.

Fairly ok interview, now i wait for the result. All the Best to all :)

Thanks to Kshitij for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hi...Ahlawat,,I want 2 know about,,,exp. certificate,,,How they checked your exp. certificate,,,because i left my company before 2 yrs,,,now my company address and hr manager has changed who recruited me....pls give m some idea....

    1. I gave my Joining letter plus salary slips for Nov & Dec as i am currently working only...So that was it.

  2. baroda gujarat gramin bank office assistant short listed candidate list for interview is out

  3. how much time will ibps po3 interview continue?? and when the result will come??

  4. Hey Sushmita here.....i m frm obc category......i have got 25 marks more than the cutt is der any chance for me in ibps clerk 3........


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