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January 25, 2014

Important Bits for VRO / VRA Exams - Set 4


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Hi Friends, this is Rameswari. I am also one of those aspirants who are preparing for upcoming VRO / VRA Exams. I made a few bits from various sections like Geography, History, Economics and Civis. Hope these will be useful for you. If you feel these are useful, I will post more. All the Best to all :)

Andhra Pradesh has the coastal line of how many kilometers ?

Who is the God of war ?

What is the meaning of the Latin phrase "Ceteris Paribus"

The physical and socio-cultural contrasts in India are marked by ?

According to the census 2011, the total population of Andhra Pradesh is ?

The Indus people were experts in ?

The person who uses a product for his final use is called ?

If sovereignty is vested in some persons it is called ?

Mount Abu is the mountain range of

The country that shares common boundary with West Bengal is ?

The latitude that passes nearly midway across the country is ?

Who remarked that the true democracy can be worked only from below by the people of every village?

As per 2011 census the density of Andhra pradesh was ?

The state that has maximum rubber plantations is ?

The exchange of goods and services without the use of money is called as?

Among the wheat growing countries, India occupies the rank of ?

The first and earliest of vedas is ?

Rameswari Lingaraju

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  1. Good one sister :)

    We want more

  2. Westbengal does not share common boundary with pakistan

  3. Is West Bengal shares common boundary with Pakistan.... ?

  4. USeful. Thanks sis.

  5. When will ibps po 3 final result or cutoff is declaring

  6. Rameswari.. thanks a lot for posting this .. all the best for ur xam dear.. do we have negative marking fr the incorrect answer.. do reply .. thank u :)

    1. no negative marks for this exam

  7. can any suggest how to get obc non creamy layer certificate n in many days will i get it.i have 2010 certificate if i submit that one .will interviwer accept ?

  8. madam ap population 8.4 crore as per 2011

  9. which person starting " east india association" ? any one know this answer ,

  10. which person starting " east india association" ? any one know this answer ,

  11. Place of India in world wheat production is 2nd, not 4th
    please check and edit



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