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January 25, 2014

List of Regional Festivals of India


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Friends, in this post we shall discuss about some important regional festivals of India. We hope this list will help you for your upcoming competitive exams. Happy Reading :)
  • Andhra Pradesh   :
    • Sankranthi (this is the biggest festival in Andhra Pradesh)
    • Bonalu
    • Tyagaraja Festival
    • Brahmotsavam
    • Ugadi (New Year)
    • Vaikunta Ekadashi
  • Assam and Manippur : 
    • Bhogali bihu
    • Bohag Bihu (or Rangali Bihu)
    • Kati Bihu (or Kangali Bihu)
    • Spring Festival of Kanyak Nagas
    • Manipur Ras Lila Festival
  • Bengal :
    • Gangasagar Mela
    • Ramakrishna Utsav
    • Dol Purnima
    • Naba Barsha
    • Dussera (famous in Bengal)
  •  Bihar :
    • Chhath
    • Sarhul
    • Karam
  • Delhi :
    • Christian Mela
    • Sair-i-Gulfaroshan (Phool Walon Ki Sair)
    • Urs at Hazrat Nizam ud din Aulia
  • Goa :
    • Zatra at Cansaulim 
    • Feast of St. Francis Xavier
    • Carnival
  • Himachal Pradesh :
    • Minjar Mela
    • Jwalamukhi Fair
  • Karnataka :
    • Makara Sankranthi, 
    • Ugadi
    • Karaga
    • Feast of St. Philomena
    • Dasahra
    • Urs of Hazrat Khwaja Bande Nawaz Chisti
    • Mahamastakabhisheka (held once every 12 years in veneration of Gomateswara Bahubali at Sravanabelagola)
  • Kashmir :
    • Nav Warih
    • Sont
    • Vaisakhi
    • Jeth Ashtami
    • Mela at hemis Gampa
    • Har Navami
    • Piligrimage to Amarhnath Cave (Chhari Festival)
    • Urs at Shah Hamadan
    • Kichri Amavasya
  • Kerala :
    • Thye Pangal
    • Vishu
    • Poorum
    • Onam
  • Maharashtra and Gujarat :
    • Gudi Padva
    • Dev Divali
    • Navratri
  • Orissa :
    • Rathyatra (at Puri)
  • Punjab and Haryana :
    • Lahri,
    • Tikka
  • Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh :
    • Gangaru
    • Teej
    • Pushkar Fair
    • Urs at Ajmer
    • Sharif
  • Tamilnadu :
    • Pongal
    • Panguni Uthiram 
    • Puthandu (Tamil New Year)
    • Madurai River Festival
    • Kaveri River Festival
    • Festival at Velanganni
    • Karthika Festival
    • Vaikunta Ekadashi
  • Tripura :
    • Karachi Puja
    • Tripureshwari temple festival
  • Uttar Pradesh :
    • Brahmostav
    • Ram Navami
    • Sravana Festival
    • Ban Yatra
    • Kans Ka Mela
That's all for now friends. We intentionally left the common festivals like christamas, raksha bandhan, ganesh chaturdhi, ramjan, dussehra etc. We tried our best to cover all important regional festivals of India. If you feel we missed any important festival or if there is any typing mistake then just mention it in the comments box below along with the name of the state so that we will update. Good day :)

Bhavya Vasudevan
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  1. no festv of guj ?? :(

    1. Send us the list friend. We will add :)

    2. Mam i am waiting for ur interview guide. When u wil upload that as pdf. I am eagerly waiting. Thanks in advance. I feel that there is no words to expres abt your grt service

  2. Mam
    i have one doubt. Pls clarify it as soon as posible. Me and my
    ownsister got selected for interview. She is having interview on 14th
    feb at panel 3 and i am having at the same venue on 17th at panel
    there any prblm wil arise. ? Some tell that it wil be a prblm.

  3. no mp festival famous?

  4. Mam can you upload a seperate link for memory management in ibps so (IT officer) topic.Regarding paging,frames,stack, queue, binary trees etc.Because you can explain it in more proper way than anyother materials. Awaiting your response.

  5. Mam can you upload memory management topic in ibps SO(IT officers) topic. Like paging,frames,stack,queue,binary trees etc. Because I believe you can explain it in proper way.

  6. Sangai festival belongs in Manipur state why did not enter the festival list

  7. Brahmotsav is a fest celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, not in Uttar Pradesh.


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