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January 26, 2014

APGVB Interview Experience - Bhaskar


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Name : Kumarapu Bhaskar

Qualification : B.Tech (CSE)

IBPS RRB Office Assistants Score : 136

Post applied for : Office Assistant

Interview Date : 24th January 2014

venue : Stanley College of Engg for Women . Abids, Hydrabad

Friends I had my Interview of Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank (one of the Regional Rural Banks of India) on 24-01-2014. Here is my experiences and the questiosn asked by them. Hope this will be helpful for you.

I reached venue at 12 and my turn came at 4 : 30 ..... Board a : there were four members

I entered the room by asking permission and soon after sitting, one of the pannel members (m1) looking at my bio data asked my name and village and my father's occupation ..

Here are the questions they asked

m2: what is difference between agrucultural labour and tenant farmer ?


m2 : do we lend for tenant farmers ?

yes we lend

m2 : how it will be shared among the land owner and tenant

sir, i dont know

m2 : tell me what will be there in the left side of the balance sheet

i dont know sir

m2 pointed m1 to ASK

m4 : tell me it products in banking ?


what is diff bw neft and rtgs ?


what is debit card and what is credit card


m2 ; Its over. Turned to M3,  do u want m3 to ask something ?

m3: what is banking ombudsman ?


what is consumer protection act ?

answered partially

m2 : are you willing to work any where in india

yes sir. I am .

Okay MR. Bhaskar... YOu can leave now.. All the Best. I thanked all of them and came out.

Thanks to Bhaskar for his interview experience. We wish him great success in his interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. what was the time period of the interview u attended

  2. Thank you boss. Good interview :)

  3. what is the use of asking are "u ready to work anywhere in india " it is an RRB???

  4. Hi my score in IBPS PO3 is 70 from andhra pradesh OBC I had done my intrw avrge. I hav explained banking terminology in telugu so they emarked me as"you have gud knowledge in subject bt telling in telugu is nt wrong bt u hav to practice to convey in english so that this is all india level post, as u were selected for 3 more exams u jst practice like a software job aspirant" tell me were there any chances of my selection and alloting marks? or they intimated me my fail in interw?? jst scared abt that

  5. @admin
    // m2 : are you willing to work any where in india //

    I thought RRB's will post candidates within applied state only.Are RRB's having branches in other states too?? Pls confirm


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