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December 04, 2013

Online Mock Tests of Banking Awareness - Set 20


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Whenever somebody needs foreign currency against Indian rupee, banks give equivalent amount of desired currency based on prevalent
  1. bank rate
  2. currency rate
  3. policy rate
  4. exchange rate
  5. base rate

In India, the RBI has mandated the banks to hold 24 percent of their Net Demand and Time Liabilities (NDTL) in a liquid portfolio under the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) regime. What are the benefits of this system ?
A. It provides strength to the financial systems
B. It increases flow of credit to productive sectors
C. It provides growth to Indian economy
Which of the above statements is / are correct ?

  1. Only A and B
  2. Only B and C
  3. Only A
  4. All A, B and C
  5. None of these

Which of the following correctly categories Collateralize borrowing and Lending Obligation ?
  1. A market operation
  2. A money market instrument
  3. A clearing system
  4. A scheme of Reserve Bank of India
  5. A policy initiative of Government of India

KYC Guidelines have been issued by RBI under the provisions of ______________
  1. Banking Regulation Act
  2. RBI Act
  3. Negotiable Instrument Act
  4. Prevention of Money Laundering Act
  5. None of these

In order to promote vocational training amongst the youth, PSB National Skill Development Corporation has signed a pact with which one of the following ?
  1. Union Bank of India
  2. United Bank of India
  3. PNB
  4. SBI
  5. None of these

Which of the following effects of deficit financing of the central government affects the common man most adversely ?
  1. Inflationary rise in prices
  2. Credit Creation by Banks
  3. Changes in the pattern of social investment
  4. Forced Savings
  5. None of these

An inactive money that doesn't contribute to productive assets in an economy is __________
  1. Dear money
  2. Near money
  3. Idle money
  4. Flat money
  5. Hot money

Consider the following statements about Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) and state which of them are true ?
A. FSAP, established in 1999, is a comprehensive and indepth analysis of a country's financial sector
B. FSAP is a joint program of IMF and the World Bank
C. FSAP provides a comprehensive framework through which assessors and authorities in participating countries can identify financial system vulnerabilities and develop appropriate policy responses
  1. Only A
  2. Only B
  3. A, B and C
  4. Only C
  5. B and C

The bank that undertakes to subscribe to shares and debentures of a company in case of under subscription is a __________
  1. Developmetn Bank
  2. Central Bank
  3. Public Sector Bank
  4. Co-operative Bank
  5. None of these

Which of the following Committee on Devas S-band deal has submitted its report recently ?
  1. Justice Srikrishna Committee
  2. B. K. Chaturvedi Committee
  3. Wadhwa Committee
  4. Ashok Chawla Committee
  5. None of these

Which one of the following is NOT a measure of Globalization ?
  1. Reduction in import duties
  2. Abolition of import licensing
  3. Allowing free flow of direct foreign investment
  4. Disinvestment of equity in the public sector
  5. None of these

As per the Approach Paper to 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) Planning Commission sets the average annual GDP growth at __________
  1. 9.5%
  2. 9.2%
  3. 9.1%
  4. 9.7%
  5. None of these

Which one of the following is a Self Employment Programme for Educated Unemployed Youth ?
  1. Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana
  2. Swaran Jayanthi Sahakari Rozgar Yojana
  3. National Social Assistance Programme
  4. Swarna Jayanthi Gram Swarozgar Yojana
  5. None of these 

Which of the following is NOT a social development Scheme ?
  1. Indira Awas Yojana
  2. Mid-day Meal
  3. Bharat Nirman Yojana
  4. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan
  5. All of these

"Higher provisioning dragged the profits of the 4th quarter of some banks" was in the news in some major news papers. This means that the Bank
  1. had many NPAs
  2. had no NPA
  3. was in great loss
  4. was not able to earn any profit last year
  5. None of these

Who amongst the following has asked banks to adopt 'six step' approach to prevent diversion of funds by the companies?
  1. Company Registrar
  2. SEBI
  3. RBI
  4. AMFI
  5. All of these

As per the reports in various newspapers, RBI has asked bnaks to make a plan to provide bankign services to all villages having a population of 2000. This directive issue by the RBI will fall in which of the following categories ?
  1. Plan for Financial Inclusion
  2. Efforts to meet the targets of Priority Sector lending
  3. Extension of Relief Packages to the Farmers
  4. Extensions of Internal and Branch-less Banking
  5. None of these

State Financial Corporation give assistance mainly to develop which of the following ?
  1. Small and Medium scale industries
  2. Agricultural Sector
  3. Cotton Industry
  4. Large Scale Industries
  5. Coal mines

First international credit card issued by ______ through VISA, getting special permission from RBI in 1987
  1. Andhra Bank
  2. Corporation Bank
  3. ICICI
  4. HDFC
  5. None of these

Expand SFFSS ?
  1. Special Fund Facility Security Scheme
  2. Special Fund Facsimile Security Settlement
  3. Special Fund Facility Scrutiny Settlement
  4. Special Front Facility Security Settlement
  5. Special Fund Facility Security Settlement

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  1. please explain the difference between
    1.Foreign Institutional Investors
    2.Qualified Foreign Investors
    3.Non-Resident Indians

  2. if possible please put all these sets in single pdf

  3. Dear Mam & all friends mujhe aapki help chahiye,

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    i m very tensed mujhe samajh nai aa raha ki mai kya karu, koi frnd bolte hai ki mai english coaching class join karu & koi frnd bolte hai ki english coaching class se kuch nai hoga.

    so what i do?????????

    pls help mam................

  4. Eng me 10 qustn to aise honge jo tumhe easily aate honge pehle usko krna


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