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December 04, 2013

Computer Knowledge bits for IBPS and SBI Clerks


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The process of converting data into information is known as _____________

An 8 bit code used to repreesent data in a modern computer is called ___________________

Unicode uses _____________ number of bits to represent a character

The ___________ standard covers all characters of all the world's language

The ____________ bit is a non data bit used for checking transmission type errors

The components of the computer involved in processing of the data are _____________ and ________________

To execute multiple instructions simultaniously the CPU uses the techniques called _________________

The CPU uses a ______________ to locate data in memory

The two types of RAM include ______________ and ___________________

The Cache memory that is included in the CPU itself is known as _____________ chache memory

Most peripheral devices are plugged into the computer through sockets called ___________________

The input and output devices commonly plug into a port called ______________

______________ number of bytes are there in a terabyte

The binary number system uses powers of ____________

The name of the location of a particular piece of data is its ________________

Which character representation code is most widely used for microcomputers

The clock rate of processor is measured in _________

The ALU (arithmetic / logic unit) performs the following actions

If the bus width of a processor is 32 bits, that means the processor can ____________ 32 bits of data at a time

A megabyte is actually equal to ____________ kilo bytes

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  1. Dear Mam & all friends mujhe aapki help chahiye,

    myself soumita mujhe banking exams mai jo english aata usme ache marks lane ke liye kya karna chaiye means kya padhna chahiye, kisse padhna chahiye & kaise padhna chahiye.

    i m very tensed mujhe samajh nai aa raha ki mai kya karu, koi frnd bolte hai ki mai english coaching class join karu & koi frnd bolte hai ki english coaching class se kuch nai hoga.

    so what i do?????????

    pls help mam, mai aapke reply ka wait kar rahi hu, kya aap reply karoge???????????????

    1. Coaching class ki jaroorat nhi hain.. 1st buy any english grammar book of your mother tongue (hindi to english) and learn all basics completely.. read all the posts in the English Section of our blog. Its enough for getting good marks in clerical exam. And remember, its not one day process.... You should work hard... Be sincere.. You can observe the change in a month..

      All the best.

  2. madam chutiya hain kisi ka comment display nae karti zyada dhyan apni site protect karne me lagati hain copy karne wale data copy kar lete hain kisi bhi tarah.

    1. @ Anonymous : Grow up brother...

    2. sorry that was due to frustation i had asked several question which were'nt even displayed every time a pop was displayed that your comment would be displayed after approval this time it did'nt happened.

    3. As we've already mentioned, now a days we are hell busy with study materials and are getting 2000+ comments per day friend. And its not possible to reply too all the comments.. And about the copy protection, almost 8 websites are continuously copying our materials brother. So we dont have any other option to prevent them except disabling the copy option. Good Day

  3. Abe gandu. May be this is the reason why she wont display comments. Can you use the same language with your sister or mother? She is helping us for free, show some respect. Tum kutta nahi hain, aadmi hain... behave yourself.


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