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November 26, 2013

Banking Awareness Online Practice Test for IBPS Clerks III - Set 17


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Which among the following cannot be called an anti inflationary measure ?
  1. Raising the Bank Rates
  2. Raising the reserve ratio requirements
  3. Purchase of securities in the open markets
  4. Rationing of the credit
  5. None of these

The Central Land Development Banks raised their resources by floating debentures in teh market. These debentured carry the guarantee of the State Government and subscribed by the
  1. Commercial Banks
  2. Life insurance Corporation
  3. Central and State Governments
  4. All of these
  5. None of these

Which of the following states provides the Vishwakarma Contributory Pension scheme to the labourers of 20 trades of the unorganized sector ?
  1. Uttar Pradesh
  2. Punjab
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Bihar
  5. Rajasthan

Yuan is the currency of ?
  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. Indonesia
  4. Myanmar
  5. None of these

Who amongst the following was never the Finance Minister of India ?
  1. Dr. Manmohan Singh
  2. P. Chidambaram
  3. Yashwant Sinha
  4. Kamal Nath
  5. Pranab Mukherjee

SOme banks are financing big projects like construction of roads / bridges etc. Financing such projects means banks are helping exactly in
  1. Infrastructural development
  2. Project Management
  3. Developing core sector industry
  4. Financial Inclusions
  5. All of these

Which of the following is /  are commodity / commodities on which subsidy is given to farmers / poor in India ?
A. Fertilizer
B. Kerosene
  1. Only A
  2. Only B
  3. Only C
  4. Only A and C 
  5. All A, B and C

The liquidity aggregate L1, as per recommendations of YB Reddy Committee represents which of the following ?
A. M1 +Deposits of financial Institutions
B. M1 + Deposits of Post Office
C. M2 + Deposits of financial institutions and post office
D. M3 + Deposits of post offices excluding NSCs (National Saving Certificate)
  1. Only A
  2. Both B and C
  3. Only D
  4. Only B
  5. None of these

BIFR stands for ?
  1. Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
  2. Bureau for Income and Free Reconstruction
  3. Bureau of Industrial and Framed Reconstruction
  4. Bureau of Information and Framework Rights
  5. None of these

What is a "Soft Currency"
  1. A currency whose exchange rate has tendency to fluctuate
  2. A currency which can be easily used for settling any International transactions
  3. A currency which cannot be used for setting international transactions because it does not command a value in the International market
  4. A currency which is available by way of soft loans from international agencies
  5. None of these

Consider the following statements about 'Project SANGAM' and state which of them are true ?
A. Project 'SANGAM' will provide useful Management Information System (MIS) to the financial planners in the Ministry of Defense
B. It is a software which will facilitate issuance of corrigendam pension pay orders.
C. This will address the demand from the ex-servicemen for issue of individual correigendum pension payment order consequent to implementation of recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission.
D. This software project is one step forward from the project 'Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana' which was launched on occasion of Defense Account Department Day
  1. A, B and D
  2. A, B and C
  3. B, C and D
  4. Only D
  5. None of these

All commercial banks demand deposit liabilities may decrease as a result of
  1. An inflow of cash
  2. A decrease in loans
  3. An increase in security holdings
  4. The chasing of a cheque by an individual or a firm
  5. None of these

Consider the following statements and state which of them are true ?
A. According to RBI, Banks will have to credit the wrongly debited amount to th customer's account due to failed ATMs transactions within ten days of complaint as against current norms of twelve day
B. The free transactions allowed at non-home bank ATMs would now also include non-financial transactions
C. Currently, customers are allowed a limited number of free transactions, generally five, for cash withdrawal & other financial transactions from other bank ATMs, while there is no cap on number of free non-financial transactions
  1. Only A
  2. B and C
  3. A and C
  4. Only B
  5. None of these

Foreign Exchange Rates in India are determined by
  1. RBI
  2. SEBI
  3. Planning Commission
  4. Market Forces of Demand / Supply
  5. None of these

Who among the following was NOT the governor of Reserve Bank of India ?
  1. Manmohan Singh
  2. Raja J. Chellaiah
  3. Bimal Jalan
  4. C. Rangarajan
  5. Y. V. Reddy

The system of Note Issue followed by Reserve Bank of India is ?
  1. Proportaional Reserve System
  2. Minimum Reserve System
  3. Minimum Fiduciary System
  4. Maximum Fiduciary System
  5. None of these

The bank rate means ___________________
  1. Rate of Interest charged by commercial banks form borrowers
  2. Rate of Interest at which commercial banks discounted bills fo their borrowers
  3. Rate of Interest allowed by commercial banks on their deposits
  4. Rate at which RBI purchases or re-discounts bills of exchange of commercial banks
  5. None of these

Which of the following is a Banking Term
  1. Blue Book
  2. Embargo
  3. Real Time Gross Settlement
  4. Writ
  5. Blockade

Which of the following schemes was launched during 2010-11 by the Govt of India with an initial fund of Rs 100 Crores ?
  1. Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana
  2. Bachward Region Grand Fund
  3. Scheme for Women and Child Developmetn
  4. Sabke Liye Swasthya Yojana
  5. None of these

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  1. yuan is currency of japan

  2. thank u mam...u r providing so much materials and motivation.the only thing left is that it should be properly used by us.


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