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September 17, 2013

Important Banking Awareness Bits for IBPS Exams


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Friends, here are some useful bits of Banking Awareness. Happy Reading :)

Which bill related to provide Operaitonal flexibility to central bank to fix SLR and CRR for different banks ?

In India which is the biggest commercial bank in public sector ?

Differential rate of Interest Scheme was introduced in which year ?

From which date banks were allowed free to fix base rates by RBI ?

Foreign Direct Investment limit in private sector banks is ?

First chairman of private sector banks association is ?

RBI introduced Banking Ombudsman scheme in which year ?

The proportion of Non - Banking financial companies assets in the total assets of the financial systems ?

Under which act Local Area Banks can be established by private promoters ?

Who is the chairman of the working group constituted by RBI to provide suggestions on regulating loans to organized sector ?

Monetary policy is a policy adopted by ?

At the liquidity trap which will be very low ?

Interest rate policy is a part of which policy ?

Which is not an instrument of monetary policy ?

Financial market department was setup in RBI in ?

Dena bank was established in ?

With which bank of September 4, 1993, new bank of India was merged ?

Number of deputy governors of RBI is ?

Ways and means Advances was in force since ?

The main funciton of NABARD is ?

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  1. Good work mam...nw i am.vry eagrly looking for rrb quick reference guide...pls upload it mam...plsss waiting for ur material... for such an imp.exam...pls. upload it mam..plss plss

  2. thank you very much.. depth subject but they asking basic concepts.. so try them... thanks for this..

  3. thank you so much this helps me a lot

  4. please upload Q-A on banking awareness for last 6 month as a whole page or pdf file or send me in this email id please it will be very much helpful for my upcoming ibps clerk exam.

  5. I am very bad in English subject for banking can you help me for English subject there i always feel wrong pls suggest me how i will preparation for english for bank PO and clerk

  6. So nice work 4 us ...thank its really help ful

  7. pls post the practice set as pdf files with answers.. it ll be useful for those who rae not access the internet like me.. thank you

  8. thank u please update if any change

  9. Giv me 20 days i wil mk clear cut off of english in all exams for sure.

  10. thnks sir ur site is much better stay with this..

  11. I am also use same words those are.... thank u very much... but ur service more than that... once again thank u madam...

  12. God bless u....for guiding and helping us :):)


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