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September 17, 2013

Banking Awareness Bits for IBPS Bank Exams - Set 2


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Friends, this is the Set 2 of Banking Awareness bits for  upcoming IBPS PO and Clerks exams. You can read set 1 from here.

In which circumastance Dear money policy will be adopted by Reserve Bank of India ?

Banking companies (Aquisition and transfer of Undertaking) Act was passed in ?

The money which is accepted temporary in lieu of gold is called ?

Which leads to the rise in the demand, the rise in price level and a fall in teh interest rate ?

Name of the organisation that was established by State Bnk of India for buying and selling the Govt Securities ?

Stagflation refers to ?

Growth in M0 (Reserve money) during 2009-10 was ?

which committee recommended the measurments like M0, M1, M2 and M3 ?

Which law states that Bad money drives good money out of circulation ?

Time deposits with banks are included in which measures of money stock ?

The RBI can increase the demand deposit component of the money supply by ?

Open market operations means sale or purchase in the open market of?

In an economy high-powered money is equal to ?

Saving deposits are not a part of money stock measure M1 because ?

Which factor does not affect the balance sheet of Reserve Bank of India ?

The most liquid of all assets is ?

If reserve Bank of India raises the Cash Reserve Ration then ?

Other things being equal, an increase in the supply of money ?

The function of World Bank (IBRD) is ?

The supply of money consists of ?

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