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March 22, 2013

IBPS Bank Clerks Interview Experiences - Sujith Kumar - Andhra Pradesh


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Friends, here is another Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks shared by our friend  Mr Sujit Kumar. His Interview was held on 18th March 2013 at Guntur (Andhra Pradesh). We thank him on behalf of our team and readers for his contribution and we wish him great success in his interview. Read his interview experience in his own words.

Name                :     SUJIT KUMAR BILLA

Qualification     :     B Tech ECE)

Interview            :     IBPS CLERKS

Interview Date   :     18-03-2013

City                     :     GUNTUR (Andhra Pradesh )

Shocked........! Not even one question from banking & technical side.......

They just asked some general questions. I dint felt that I was being interviewed by some professionals. It just went like a normal chit chat. The questions asked were,
1. Being an engineering graduate... why bank job.....
2. Are you placed in any company during campus placements.....
3. Tell about yourself.....
4. What is ur father....(my father is scale I officer in SBI)
5. Then why IBPS ?.... Why not SBI...!
6. Asked about android phones....
7. why dont you try for PO... why joining as Clerk....

answered well..... hope for the best.....

So guys who are having interviews at Guntur.... be optimistic and frank.... dont get tensed... the panel were very friendly.... All the best to all

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  1. hello admin..i also sent you my experience but you haav not posted it.

    1. We have been picking Interview Experiences on First Come First Serve Basis Priyanka. A few interview experiences are pending before your mail. We will try to upload yours by tomorrow. Please don't mind for the delay...

    2. ok thank you..pls give your suggestion also.

  2. name- shweta kesharwani
    interview- clerk 2013
    place- jabalpur
    education-, mba
    there were 4 members in panel 3 men and 1 lady
    they are very friendly and supportive
    questions wer
    1. whats ur father occupation.
    2. where is his shop, do u assist him.
    3. how many brothers and sister do u have.
    4. who are the best among.
    5. whats ur experiance.
    6. tell abt work process of ur previous job.
    7. which document is mandatory for partner ship current account.
    8. is there atm in current account of partnership firm.
    9. no frill account?
    10. damant account/
    11. merchantile banking?
    12. do u know abt share banking/
    13. how many share exchange in india?
    14. is there stock exchange in any city?
    15. if we posted u in rural area so what u do for mahila sasktikaran/
    i reply all the question exceot 14. then they said very good.
    this is my first experiance and good one also.

    1. Thanks for the update Shweta... Please do mail this to so that we will upload in the blog. All the best.

  3. wats your score??????????????

  4. what is your score?

  5. so, why did he opted for clerk and not PO ?? he is the gate topper in ECE branch btw.


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