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March 22, 2013

Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks - Kalpana R


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Friends, here is the bank interview experience of IBPS clerks shared by our friend from Tamilnadu Kalpana Ramamoorthy. Her interview was held on 19th March at Salem. We are thankful to her for her contirbution and we wish her great success in her interview. Here is her interview experience in her own words.

Name                     :    R. Kalpana

Interview Date    :    19 Mar 2013

Venue                     :    IOB Regional Office, Salem, Tamil Nadu

Panel                      :    I,  .30 AM

Written Score      :    116

Interviewers         :    3 Male and 1 Female

After my document verification, I have attended the interview at 2.00 PM. Its gone for only 10 minutes.

When I entered into the interview room, I wished them and they said me to take chocolate placed on the table… and raised some Questions :
F1 :Introduce yourself
F2 : Raising some questions in personal information
F3: Ambition in your life
M3: Hobbies
I said reading books..
M3: What type of books
    Spiritual type of books
M2: Which god do you like?
    I said vinayagar
M2: What is the parts of vinayagar explained to us ? (big head, big stomach etc.)
    I said, I donot know the answer.. they explained it to me..
M1: Your husband is working in salem. If you are post at kanyakumari, what will you do?
    I answered..
M1: and also asked me to read English and Tamil News papers. (this is general for all)

All questions are in my local language only (Tamil) except one or two.  Interviewers are very friendly.. its very nice  interview.

Suggestions : All questions are raised from your answers only. Too much of cross questioning was there, Be aware of your answers well. Particularly about your hobbies section. Dear friends, all the best to all and  please tell me the opportunity of my score..

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  1. Good One kalpna.. You surely gonna win. All the best.

  2. My Interview Experience held on 21-03-2013
    Name = Deepak
    State = Punjab
    Time = 8:30 AM
    Panel = II
    There was 4 Persons
    3 Males, 1 Female
    My Document had Checked near around 12:30 PM & Interview Start on 1:30 PM
    I Knocked the Door & Said "MAY I COME IN"
    M1 Sardar Said "YES COME"
    I Wished them "Good Afternoon"
    M1 : Be Seated
    ME : Thank you Sir
    M1 : What is ur Name?
    Me : Sir Deepak
    M1 : Ur Qualification?
    Me : Bsc Economics
    M1 : How Economy is related to bank?
    Me : Explained
    M2 : Do You Know Punjabi?
    Me : YES SIR
    M2 : Speak in Punjabi
    ME : OK Sir
    M2 : What happen When National Income Divided by Population?
    me : We will get Per Capita Income.
    M2 : What is Per Capita Income?
    Me : Eplained
    M2 : What is Marxian Theory of Economics?
    Me : I m Sorry, I don't know.
    F1 : Common Candidate u r Economics u did Honors in Economics u don't know?
    Me : I m Sorry Mam, I did my Graduation in 2010..So in this time i have no Idea about Marxian Theory.
    F1 : OK, What is HDI?
    Me : Explained.
    F1 : How we Calculate HDI?
    Me : Expained
    M2 : What is LAW of Dimishing Marginal Return?
    Me : By Mistake I Expained Law of Dimishing Mariginal Utility?
    M3 : Notice me. NO No He Said Return.?
    Me : I Said I m Sorry Sir?
    M2 : Don't's ok.
    M2 : Yesterday Declare Punjab Budget..
    Me : Yes Sir?
    M2 : What is the New Scheme for 10 or 12 Girl?
    Me : Eplained
    M2 : How Many State of India ?
    Me : 28
    M2 : UT?
    Me : 7
    M2 : tell me 2 State in which Females are CM?
    Me: Paschim Bengal & Tamil nadu?
    M2 : Who is CM of these two State?
    ME : Smt. Mamta Benerjee & Smt. Jayalilita..
    M2 : Who is Commerce Minister?
    Me : Sh. Anand Sharma
    M2 : Punjab Commerce Minister?
    Me : Sh. Anil Joshi.
    M2 : ok
    M3 : Why Punjab is Famous in World?
    Me : I didn't get Proper Meaning of Question..I Said Genune Way..Like Punjab Peoples are so Nice..There are Very Famous Natives..
    M3 : NO I said Why Punjab is Famous in world like Production?
    Me : Wheat.
    M3 : OK
    M2 : What is Economic Development?
    Me : Expained
    M2 : have u ever go outside from Punjab?
    Me : By Mistake I said Kaputahala, Jalandhar, Ludhiana?
    All Members Laughing...All these are in Punjab?
    Me : I m sry sir..
    M2 : Don't Worry..It's ok..
    Me : Dehradun, Rishikesh, Hardwar..
    M2 : Who is CM of Delhi?
    Me : Smt. Shila Dixit.
    M2 : What is ATM?
    Me : I Expained..
    M2 : What is Master Card?
    Me : There was no idea about Master Card..I said I m sry Sir.. I don't Know..
    M2 : I Can Undersatand..tumne Suna nahi hoga..OK..U May Go Now..
    Me : Maine 10 Second Apni File band kerne ke liye aur Thank U Keh ker uth gya.. aur Slowly Door Open kiya aur Chala gya..
    Mujhe baad mein pata chala ki mere interview se pehle kisi bi Candidate se itne Question Put nahi kiya..Kya Shiavni Mam aap Mujhe bata sakti ho Mujh se hi itne Question kyu PUT kiye aur Mere Selection ka Chance hai..Mine Socre 119 From Punjab..

    1. Thank you so much for the update friend. If possible, do mail the same to us at along with your pic. So that we will update it in the blog. All the best.

  3. Replies
    1. In the post itself she clearly had mentioned it friend. plz do check

  4. Dear , Admin I m an Engineering graduate n Preparing for CGL 2014, but unfortunately i m weak in English GK,Economics, and Constitution,,,,,suggest me some good books and strategy to crack cgl 2014


  5. Dear Admin , I am an Engineering graduate n preparing for SSC CGL but weak in English,GK,Economics and Constitution....Pls Suggest me Some Good books and strategy to crack cgl 2014.


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