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February 05, 2013

SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experiences - Shaik Ismail


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Friends, here is the Interview Experience of State Bank of Hyderabad (one of the associate banks of SBI) Clerks shared by our friend Mr Shaik Ismail from Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh). We are thankful to him for his great contribution and we wish him for great success in his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

Name : Ismail
Qualification :
MCA (2010)
Panel :

 Location : Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh)

Friends, My interview was at 12:00 noon. They verified my certificates and asked me to come at 2;00pm.

In panel there were 3 persons including one lady.
I entered into the room and wished them as Good Afternoon.
They offered me a seat and i say thank u.

P1(north indian ): Asked me my personal details.
Me : Replied. 

P1: You have completed your  Education in 2010. What have you been doing till now ?
Me : Replied that I have been preparing for competitive exams.

P1: Did u know anything about nizam rule in andhra pradesh.
Me :  I said only little information and included in ap government in 1948 by operation polo.

P1:tell me something about Indian education system.
Me : i said education system in India is good but there are some drawbacks like lake of practical knowledge,exams at the end of year like that.

P1:at present famous controversial educationist in news.
Me : i replied that i dont know

P1:or in literacy person.
Me : Salman rusdie

P1: He asked why he always in news.
Me : Because of his controversial writings.
P1 : What was his controversial book ?

after P2(lady):abbreviation of SWIFT,ECGC.
AND also credit card benefit in india, what is use of 'aam admi bima yogana' like that.

P3:did u know the controversy in the movie 'viswaroopam'.  naizam nawab meer khasim.

P3 : What is balance sheet.what is mercentile law.(i have bcom in my degree).

at last they wished for my success , I wished them thank u and left the room. I answered almost all questions correctly and hoping for good result.  All the Best.

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  1. My name is preeti ,i also want to share my interview experience ..what i need to do mam??


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