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February 05, 2013

SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experience - Swati Sharma


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Friends, our friend Swati Sharma. has recently attended the interview conducted by State Bank of Patiala (one of the Associate Banks of State Bank of India) for Clerical Cadre and did well. Today she is sharing her interview experience with us. We are thankful to her for her contribution and we wish her great success in the interview. Here is her interview experience in her own words.

Name : Swati Sharma

Qualification : B.Sc. (Physics, Electronics and Maths)

Interview Venue : Batra Palace, Ambala Cantt.

Panel : Panel 1

Interview Time :12.00 noon

I reached around 10.00am
Document verification completed at 01.00pm
Called for interview around 03.15pm

4 members in the panel: 1 lady and 3 men (M1, M2, M3 and F)

I entered and greeted and they asked me to sit. I sat and thanked.

(Although I had mentioned English in the bio-data form as the preferred language for interview even then most questions were asked in hindi only.)

M3 was just sitting and watching; didn't ask anything.

M1: Itna acha academic record hai aap PO k liye kyu ni jate?
Me: Sir, Phle to meri age nahi hai PO ka exam dene ki or fir mujhe 2 probationary officers ne advice kiya hai ki PO me boht burden hota h.

M2: Thodi advice madam se bhi le lo (pointed towards the female member)
Me (to female member): Please Mam
F1: Abhi aapki age nahi hai to koi bat nahi but as soon as you attain the required age you should go for PO. You're welcome at SBI as PO.
Me: Thank you, mam.

M1: Konse banks ke POs ne advice kiya k PO mat bano?
Me: Syndicate and Corporation Bank
M1: Aise unki advice par mat jao aap zarur PO bano.
Me: Sir waise hi unhone bola tha k boht badi responsibilty hoti hai PO ki or aapka background banking ka nahi hai to aap clerk se hi start karo PO ka burden boht hota hai.

F1: Corp or syndicate se 3 times zyada kam aapko yha karna padega.
Me: Mam wo koi bat nahi hai par abhi banking ka experience bhi nahi hai..thoda experience ho jaye to...(M2 interrupted)
M2: Banks iss bat ka pura khayal rkhte hain ki wo aone employees ko ache se train kare so that candidate apni future responsibility k liye ready ho jaein.
Me: Wo to thik hai sir, par abhi to graduation hui hai abhi thoda life ko samajhna chahti hu.
M2: OK (Signalled M1 to ask; said Ok shuru kijiye, sir)

M1: Acha Swati apne bare me bataiye. (I told)
Asked about dad's profession (I told)
Then came to hobby. (I had mentioned reading)
M1: Kya padhte ho? Akhbar?
Me: Sir news to main net pe pdhti hu par fir bhi kabhi kabhi the hindu.. (F1 interrupted)
F1: Which Self Development Book have you read?
Me: Ramcharitmanas (M2 interrupted, don't remember what he said then F1 interrupted again)
F1: Have you heard of Robin Sharma?
Me: Yes Mam, I've read only one of his books.
F1: Which one?
Me: The monk who sold his Ferrari.
F1: What have you learnt from that book?
Me:I said i've learnt to live for the moment and focus on the task at hand.
F1: That's the most important.
(I smiled)
M2 and M3: Ok Swati its over.
I thanked them and Started to walk out.
M1: All the best
Me: Thank you sir and came back.

I was feeling nervous while waiting for the turn but after entering the room, i was quite comfortable. The panel was also gentle.
Some other candidate were also asked about their subject and general topics like recession etc. One candidate was also asked about Planning commission.
My Suggestions to Aspirants : Be confident and appear confident. Your interview depends upon the expression on your face when you enter the room. So be confident and enter the room with a smile. Interview is not about what you read in the last minute. Its an overall test of your personality. So just be yourself and trust your own ideas. 

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  1. madam i also attended the interview on 2feb in trichy i answered almost all the questions infact they said very good for me around 5-6 times hearing my answers but the only thing i am still afraid of is that due to my carelessness i left my certificate and left the room and since i am the last member in interview that day i came back and took my files back madam will this make a negative impact on my character in the panel pls be honest madam cos this is my first interview and i am also slected in IBPS so pls be honest mam can i get selected or not

    1. They wont think that its your carelessness Sankar, They surely will think that you were tensed.... and in interviews all these things are common.. So stop being afraid.. All the best for your selection.

  2. thank yo so look like very confident damn sure you'll get selected...wish you all the very best

  3. Swati here...thanks everyone thanks gr8ambitionz.. i got selected :)
    Swati Sharma

  4. i got shortlisted in ibps clerk 3 exam , but the problem now is while applying i gave state to which i applied for as karnataka ( because now i got shifted to bangalore from chennai and i tought exam center will be near by giving so), but now i came to know that they will ask some questions about the state language and we need to read , speak,write in that language, but i dont know to read and write but i can speak kannada .... what to do ?

  5. agar english nahi aati hai to kya fail ka rdiye jaanege?


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