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February 02, 2013

Letter Writing Techniques for SBI PO Exams - Personal Letters / Informal Letters


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 Read Basics of Letter Writing Here

Personal Letters (or) Informal Letters : These are letters that do not have many rules. Since you are writing to your friends and family, you are free to choose your tone and content. Write your full name and address even if it is an informal letter.

Divide your letter in small paragraphs. Keep your writing simple. Make a good choice of words especially if you are writing an apology letter to express your condolences in case of a death.

Date : The Date is placed in the top right end of the page.

Salutation : On the extreme left side of the page, a few spaces below the date. It can be 'Dear Ram' or 'My Dear Mummy/Ma' (but not mother). You always address your mother, father, brother by a name, not by relationship.

Body : Start a space or two below the salutation. Indent all the paragraphs.

Closing : Most people close the letter with phrases like 'Yours affectionately / With love / All the best / Take care' etc. These words should be a few spaces below the last line of the text, on the right side. (Now a days left side closing has also become popular). 

This is the basic structure of a letter. you can modify it according to the purpose for which it is written and the person to whom it is addressed. 
Note : If you are writing a letter for job application (formal letter), then you may need to attach your resume along  with the letter and also mention the same in it. Furthermore, you try to write as simply and as clearly as possible, and not to make the letter longer than necessary. Remember not to use informal langaute like contractions.

Now lets have a look at some Examples of Informal Letters here
Format of the Letter


  1. thanks.................

  2. Hello mam,
    Just wanted to confirm that according to the new pattern everything iswritten on the left side. As i have seen somewhere that date,address,salutation,and closing is on the left side. One more thing is subject is needed in informal letters also....pls reply

  3. Ma'am please clarify whether the subject is needed to be mentioned in informal letters or not? thank you

    1. No Priyanka! We are not supposed to write subject in informal letters. !

  4. As per the new format everything is written on the left hand side.

  5. thanks for this.


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