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January 19, 2013

Common Interview Experiences of IBPS PO - R. Shivnath


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Friends, our friend Shivanath Renganathan from Madurai is sharing his IBPS PO Common Interview Experience. We are thankful to him on behalf of our readers for his great contribution and support. We would like to thank him on behalf of our team and our readers for his great contribution and suggestions. We wish him great success for his future. Here is the interview experience in his own words. 

Name : R.Shivnath
Interview : IBPS PO

Date of the Interview : 18-1-2013

Venue : IOB Regional Office Madurai

Caste : SC


After certificate verification my interview started at 6.00 pm and my interview time duration was 15-20 minutes...

There were four male persons in the panel. I think I did well but fingers are crossed....All izz welll...

Interview questions asked are as follows  :

    1. Tell us about yourself ?

    2. Being an engineering graduate why banking ?

    3. What is a bank ?

    4. Family background .

    5. Various schemes of bank ?

    6. what is the meaning of kisan in kisan credit card ?

    7. What is financial inclusion ?

    8. What is NEFT ?

    9. What is ATM ?

   10. What type of bank is RBI ?

   11. Functions of RBI ?

   12. What did u read in today's newspaper ?

   13. In video conferencing what type of camera is used ?

I've answered almost all questions. And the Interview went well... Now Expecting for the Good News. Special thanks to

Message to Aspirants : Don't be nervous. Be confident and appear confident.  "All is well and all is going to be well" Just keep these words in your mind. All The Best :)

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IBPS Common Interview Experiences of PO


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    1. Sorry to say Sneha.. usually people get these type of messages in malpracticing (or) paper tampering cases. In your case there might be some problem with your server or your paper might not have submitted correctly... You should wait for a few more days to know the real reason behind it...

      No need to feel bad.. you have plenty of opportunities waiting fr you

      All The Best

  2. boss u r really lucky ...very easy questions...congratz.......

  3. maim can u tell me about...various scheme in banks and what is the meaning of kisan in kisan credit card

  4. What reply did you give for 2nd qstn..."Being an Engineering graduate why banking?" and what was their reaction to your reply?

  5. hi....anna..congrats..... I'm jegan . now doing Electronics & Instrumetation Engineering. Final year in Erode. i need some help about bank i want ur any contacts or mail id....

  6. hi anna congrats...I'm jegan from madurai. now i'm doing Final year EIE. I need some help about Bank Exam. i want ur any contacts.


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