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October 23, 2012

General Awareness for IBPS CWE Clerk 2012-13 Online Exam


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If you are new to this blog first go to General Awareness section of IBPS Clerks Materials Here. Now take the General Awareness Test Below. All The Best :)

1.    Forbes on 19 September 2012 released the list of 400 richest Americans. Who topped this list?
a.     Waren Buffet
b.    Ratan Tata
c.     Bill Gates
d.    Miley Cyrus
e.     Sonia Gandhi.

2.    Name the Precident of Mauritius who is the Chief Guest of 11th Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas?
IBPS Clerical General Awarenessa.     Rajkeshwar Purryag
b.    Matanhi Saldanha
c.     Rakesh Sharma
d.    Kalpana Chawla
e.     Reeta Menon

3.    Which of the following countries won maximum medals in Beijing Olympics 2008 ?
a.     India
b.    China
c.     UAE
d.    Japan
e.     Indonesia

4.    The first Indian writer to win Ondaatje Prize for his book – 'The sly Company of People who Care' – which is about adventures of Indian Journalist is :
a.     Sudha Goshal
b.    Rahul Bhattacharya
c.     Praveen Rudracharya
d.    Rohan Boppana
e.     Anand Arasu

5.    Who among the following has won Canadian Grand Prix ?
a.     Lewis Hamilton
b.    Renel Ambattan
c.     Jeorge Clinton
d.    Metra narwan
e.     Roma Sider

6.    India and which country on 24 July 2012 decided to fast track the implementation of various agreements reached between them in 2010 and 2011?
a.     Pakistan
b.    Bhutan
c.     Bangladesh
d.    Japan
e.     Narwey

7.    'Kerosene-free' scheme recently launched by which state?
a.     UP
b.    Bihar
c.     Delhi
d.    Tamilnadu
e.     Maharashtra

8.    'Surface' is the tablet released by_______
a.     Microsoft
b.    Intel
c.     Pentium
d.    Wipro
e.     LG

9.    India has purchased Harpoon II Missiles from which of the following countries ?
a.     Japan
b.    Europe
c.     France
d.    Sydney
e.     Egypt

10.                       Who amongst the following is the  author of the book (novel) ‘Infinite Jest’ ?
a.     David Foster Wallace
b.    Chetan Bhagat
c.     Sydney Shelton
d.    Paulo Coelho
e.     Robin Sharma

11.                       19th International AIDS conference 2012 held at ........ from July 22 to 27.
a.     Netherlands
b.    Korea
c.     Dubai
d.    Washington D.C
e.     Delhi

12.                       Who is the senior politician of pakistan who was suspended from Senate over Dual Nationality :
a.     Syed Afridi
b.    Hosni Mubarak
c.     Rehman malik
d.    Salma Hyek
e.     Heena Rabbani Khar

13.                       Name the Squash Player who won Coca-Cola Squash Open Championship 2012 on 29 July 2012?
a.     Gagan Narang
b.    Gaurav Nandrajog
c.     Sanjay Boppana
d.    Saina Nehwal
e.     Gauri Karthik

14.                       Shangai Cooperation Summit (SCO) recently concluded on 7th June 2012 at....
a.     Sydney
b.    Japan
c.     Netherlands
d.    China
e.     Bejing

15.                       Since Iran-India gas pipeline is yet to get final approval, the energy hungry India has decided to join another pipeline project ‘MEDSTREME’. Medstreme will transport oil/gas from which of the following nations at one of its terminal ends
a.     Japan
b.    Korea
c.     Turkey
d.    UAE
e.     Netherlands

16.                       Who is the Famous Chess player who was crowned World Chess Champion in Moscow ?
a.     Vishwanathan Anand
b.    Garry Karpov
c.     Dronavalli Harika
d.    Harikrishna
e.     Koneru Hampi

17.                       India has signed an MoU on road transportation, safety with which of the following countries ?
a.     UAE
b.    Japan
c.     Korea
d.    America
e.     Canada

18.                       Which of the following trains was flagged off on the occasion of the Environment Day that will highight the bio-diversity zones in the country is :
a.     Science Express Biodiversity Special
b.    Special plane Biodiversity Special
c.     Special Bus Biodiversity Special
d.    Special movie Biodiversity Special
e.     Special race Biodiversity Special

19.                       Which of the following is NOT one of the Millennium Goals set by U.N.O?
a.     Improve Women Education
b.    Improve Sex Ratio
c.     Improve Computer Literacy
d.    Improve the economic conditions in rural areas
e.     Improve the Cost of Living of the people

20.                       Who is the Navy Chief of India who took charge in September 2012 after Nirmal Verma
a.     Sudeep Vasudevan
b.    Devendra Kumar Joshi
c.     Ramakanth Jogi
d.    Neena Gairwal
e.     Sandy Vairavalla

General Awareness Model Questions GA for IBPS CWE Clerical 2012-13 Online Exam


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